Welcome to CryptoPodcast.xyz
We hope you find value in what we are creating.

Currently we have two podcast shows;

1. Fort Brox Crypto Podcast. Where we interview people into crypto and the tech behind it. We also create topical episodes to help provide a little fun while sharing what things mean in a tangible way with all things crypto and web3. Episodes are released every other Monday. (except for holidays)

2. Crypto Vibes Weekly. A weekly news recap in the world of crypto and web3. We drop a new episode every Saturday morning at 6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Everything we are creating is meant to combine the financial, creative, and tech side, mixed in with some humor while not being pretentious.

We could be suit-n-tie financial people or technology jargon driven, but we want to connect those worlds in a tangible way that recognizes that we are all constantly learning.

Our story

The shows we are creating at cryptopodcast.xyz are brought to you by Fort Brox, a crypto mining company with the mission to make crypto mining easier.

We believe in the utility of crypto and want to help others discover the value of the technology.

Enough reading, to get to know us better please enjoy our Welcome to Fort Brox Podcast episode here.