After The Merge, Ravencoin Mining, EPIC Games NFT In Store +more

After The Merge, Ravencoin Mining, EPIC Games NFT In Store +more

The Merge.

That is all it really was this week.

Is it going to work? Is it going to fail? What will happen after?

The actual switch seems to have gone just fine, but the collateral damage we believe will not be seen immediately, but there are already signs of it happening. Example. Mining took a hit, but will the hit last?

Week 37, Year 2022, Episode 27.  

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Ethereum Successfully Executes Highly-Anticipated Merge Event, Ushering in Proof-of-Stake Era
  • The Ethereum Merge Is Done, Opening a New Era for the Second-Biggest Blockchain
  • Ethereum Blockchain’s Upgrade May Lead to Greater Institutional Adoption of Ether: Bank of America
  • Ethereum Mining Alternative Ravencoin Jumps 85% Ahead of the Merge
  • Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Edges to All-Time High
  • Dogecoin Now Second-Largest Proof-of-Work Coin After Ethereum Merge
  • Ethereum's Biggest Mining Pool to Stop Offering Services for the Network
  • NFT Artists, Projects Celebrate Ethereum Merge With Historic Mints
  • Ethereum Already Showing Signs of Increased Centralization
  • The Ethereum Merge Is Here—What Comes Next?
  • Gensler Says Proof-of-Stake Assets Could Be Securities: Report
  • Fortnite Creator's Epic Games Store Launches First NFT Game
  • Coinbase Now Lets Users Check Which Politicians Are Crypto-Friendly
  • Coinbase adds HBAR
  • Fidelity offers bitcoin
  • South Korea Looks to Invalidate Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon's Passport: Report
  • Google Cloud to Validate Transactions on Axie Infinity’s Ronin Network
  • Tom Brady FTX

More News This Week

  • NFTs Are in Deep Freeze, But Doodles Just Defrosted $54 Million
  • Crypto Exchange Huobi to Delist 7 Privacy Coins, Including Zcash, Monero
  • Revolving Games Raises $13.2 Million to Develop ‘AAA Quality’ Web3 Games
  • Bitcoiner Bruce Fenton Loses Bid to Contest US Senate Seat in New Hampshire
  • Crypto Loves Portugal — But How Long Will It Last?
  • Another Day, Another $125 Million in Web3 Venture Funding
  • Gensler: Crypto Intermediaries Must Register With SEC ‘In Some Capacity’
  • Biden’s Executive Order Produces Few Answers in Crypto Reports From US Treasury
  • Crypto Lending Company Celsius Files for Permission to Sell Its Stablecoin Holdings
  • ApeCoin's APE Could See Selling Pressure Ahead of Major Token Unlock


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:56) Disclosures

(00:01:25) Shanghai Upgrade

(00:01:40) After The Merge Headlines

(00:02:09) Ravencoin 

(00:02:26) Bitcoin Mining Difficulty ATH

(00:02:40) Second largest PoW Coin Dogecoin

(00:02:45) Ethermine Done with ETH Mining Services

(00:02:56) NFTs in celebration of The Merge 

(00:03:07) Ethereum centralized?

(00:03:23) What comes next?

(00:03:39) Gensler. PoS could be securities

(00:03:59) Epic Games store launches first NFT game

(00:04:40) Coinbase, see which politician likes crypto

(00:04:49) Coinbase plus HBAR

(00:05:10) EDX Markets

(00:05:32) Tom Brady FTX

(00:05:46) Do Kwan

(00:05:52) Google cloud validating AXIE Infinity Ronin transactions

(00:06:22) In closing

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