Apple Mixed Reality Headset, SEC Going After Creators, Royalty On NFTs? +more

Apple Mixed Reality Headset, SEC Going After Creators, Royalty On NFTs? +more

You have probably heard, beg for forgiveness rather than ask permission? 

In the world of NFTs, crypto, blockchain and web3, that may not be possible.

We may have to take a web2 approach with a web3 backend until things can be adopted by the powers that be.

Week 41, Year 2022, Episode 31.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset to Offer Iris Scanning for Payments, Logging In
  • Microsoft Forms New Team to Target ‘Industrial Metaverse’
  • Mark Zuckerberg on the Quest Pro, building the metaverse, and more
  • An ‘Open, Interoperable’ Metaverse is ‘Better for Everyone’: Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg
  • Google Cloud and Coinbase Launch New Strategic Partnership to Drive Web3 Innovation
  • Google’s partnering with Coinbase to let cloud customers pay in crypto next year
  • Google Joins Hands With Coinbase To Accept Crypto for Its Cloud Services
  • Magic Eden Losing Market Share as Solana NFT Traders Reject Royalties
  • Scoop: TikTok chases Amazon with plans for U.S. fulfillment centers
  • SEC Targets NFT Creators, Marketplaces Over ICO-Like Sales: Report
  • SEC Investigating Bored Ape Creator Yuga Labs Over Securities Violations: Report
  • Solana-Based Decentralized Finance Platform Mango Hit by $100 Million Exploit
  • Mango Markets Mangled by Oracle Manipulation for $112M
  • Sam Bankman-Fried on the Mango Markets Hack: ‘Make Up Your Own Damn Mind’
  • Portugal Moves Closer to Taxing Individuals on Short-term Crypto Gains
  • Binance Pool Starts $500 Million Fund to Support Bitcoin Mining
  • EU Lawmakers Pass Landmark Crypto Assets Regulation Bill
  • Huobi Founder Sells 100% Stake to Justin Sun Fund: Report
  • Five Charged in France With $2.5M Fraud Targeting Bored Ape NFT Owners
  • Sequoia Capital, Binance Stand By Equity Funding for Musk’s Twitter Takeover
  • CoinShares Creates Twitter Bot That Gives Traders 'Fair Prices' for Ethereum NFTs
  • FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried Backtracks on $1B Political Donation, Calls It 'Dumb Quote'
  • Beeple Building Physical Studio to Bring NFTs Into the Real World

More News This Week

  • Bank of New York Mellon to Hold Crypto
  • Cosmos Developer To Offer a Stablecoin Built for the Interchain
  • New Tool Shows Just How Much Users Lost in Celsius Bankruptcy
  • Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Reveals Thousands of Users' Transaction Histories in Court Filing
  • Chris Dixon Keeps the Crypto Faith
  • Bitcoin Mining Is Cool Again; We Can Thank Africa, Prudence and Growing Hashrate for That
  • Crypto Exchange Kraken Appoints Peer Gemini's Former UK Head as Its New UK Managing Director
  • Uniswap to Deploy on Privacy-Focused zkSync Following Community Vote
  • Q&A: Kaiko Research Analyst on Ripple’s Legal Troubles and XRP’s Rally
  • Tether Says USDT Stablecoin Now Backed by T-Bills
  • 51% of Ethereum blocks post Merge are now built using OFAC compliant MEV-boost relays. Does that mean Ethereum is no longer censorship resistant? Not quite.
  • A16Z’s First Crypto Fund On Pace to Return 10 Times $300M Fund
  • Ethereum Merge ‘Sets Precedent for Further Change’: StarkWare President Ben-Sasson
  • The @0xPolygon ecosystem roadmap is looking insane - POS mainnet - Polygon Supernets - Polygon Avail - Polygon Zero, Miden & zkEVM - Polygon Nightfall A simple breakdown of these different scaling solutions and why they are groundbreaking for the space 1/25


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:22) Show intro

(00:00:57) Disclosures

(00:01:09) Metaverse and regulation thoughts 

(00:02:55) Apple Mixed Reality

(00:03:09) Mark Zuckerberg on Decoder Podcast

(00:03:34) Microsoft industrial metaverse team

(00:04:01) Coinbase plus Google 

(00:04:59) Magic Eden losing marketshare

(00:06:00) TikTok ecom fulfillment

(00:06:53) SEC is going after more creators

(00:07:39) Mango 

(00:08:22) Portugal not so crypto friendly

(00:08:48) Binance 500 million mining pool

(00:09:03) EU pass landmark crypto regulation

(00:09:11) Huobi sells 100 percent stake

(00:09:21) Board Ape Fraud in France

(00:09:27) Binance still backing Musk for Twitter

(00:09:40) CoinShare Twitter Bot for NFT value

(00:09:47) Beeple physical NFT gallery

(00:10:13) In closing

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