Apple Movie and Amazon Series About FTX, NFT Activity, More Fallout  +more

Apple Movie and Amazon Series About FTX, NFT Activity, More Fallout +more

Bob Iger is back at Disney. But what does that mean for their web3, Blockchain, crypto and metaverse future?

Iger has a great deal of influence with how he sets strategy and direction for Disney with this tech.

But, what is also of great importance is how seasoned CEOs manage downturn, crisis, and value. The noob CEOs and founders of crypto, web3 start-ups need to develop more critical thinking and start helping to build the infrastructure and not just the vanity. Infrastructure is much harder and costly to gain adoption.

Week 47, Year 2022, Episode 37.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Bob Iger Returns to Disney — Will a Big Push into the Metaverse Be Next?
  • Apple Seeks Film Rights to Bankman-Fried Story: Report
  • Amazon Plans Eight-Episode Drama on FTX's Collapse
  • FTX Lawyer Says “Substantial Amount” of Assets Missing from Company in Hearing
  • Texas Investigates Tom Brady, Steph Curry's FTX Ads
  • Authorities in Turkey Seize FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s Assets
  • FTX Bankruptcy Hearing: Bahamas Liquidators Transfer Case to Delaware, Creditor Names Remain Redacted
  • New FTX CEO Paid $1,300 an Hour, Court Filings Show
  • FTX Asks Other Exchanges to Help Secure and Return Lost Funds
  • New York Times Criticized as It Confirms Sam Bankman-Fried Will Appear at DealBook Summit
  • Several US States Open Investigation Into Crypto Lender Genesis: Report
  • Binance's CEO Sows Doubt in Crypto Rival Coinbase and Digital Asset Manager Grayscale – Then Backtracks
  • Senators Once Again Ask Fidelity to Stop Offering Bitcoin in 401(k)s
  • New York Imposes 2-Year Moratorium on New Proof-of-Work Mining After Gov. Hochul Signs Bill
  • Twitter's Head of Crypto Resigns as Crisis at Social Network Goes from Bad to Worse
  • Ethereum Software Firm ConsenSys Reveals It Collects User Data
  • Uniswap Says It Now Collects Certain Data From Users
  • Binance to Make Another Bid for Voyager Digital — And Unveils $2 Billion Crypto Recovery Fund
  • Binance Allocates Another $1B for Its Crypto Recovery Fund
  • Rockstar Games Bans NFTs, Crypto From Grand Theft Auto Fan Servers
  • I Lost $17,000 in Crypto. Here’s How to Avoid My Mistake
  • Founder of EOS Developer Block.One Buys 9.3% of Crypto Bank Silvergate
  • From Ronaldo to Tom Brady, Athletes Are Pursuing NFTs, Not Always Successfully
  • Why OpenSea Is Sticking With NFT Creator Royalties
  • ApeCoin DAO Launches Community-Driven NFT Marketplace
  • NFTs Are Dead? Even in Bear Market, a Bored Ape Sells for Nearly $1 Million
  • Edward Snowden on gm Decrypt Podcast

More News This Week

  • Disney bets the Mouse House on virtual reality: Beleaguered CEO Bob Chapek reveals plans for a 'lifestyle experience' metaverse that will recreate their theme parks online - and hints Hulu will merge with streaming service
  • Q&A: Artist Refik Anadol on AI-based NFTs for Instagram
  • The Walt Disney Company Board Of Directors Appoints Robert A. Iger As Chief Executive Officer
  • Billionaire Bill Ackman Does U-Turn on Crypto, Becomes 'Small Direct Investor'
  • Solana Loses $1 Billion in USDT to Ethereum in Tether Chain Swap
  • Mango Market Hacker Loses Millions in Failed Aave Scheme
  • 10,000 BTC moves off crypto wallet linked to Mt. Gox hack
  • Podcast: The FTX Crisis Explained — What Happened, What's Next, and What It Means for Crypto
  • Pre-Halving Rally? Litecoin Surges 43% to 6-Month High


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:23) Show intro

(00:01:13) Bob Iger is back

(00:02:36) Apple and Amazon seeking FTX content

(00:03:46) More FTX headlines for the week

(00:05:15) Genesis under investigation

(00:05:39) Senators ask Fidelity to stop BTC with 401ks

(00:05:56) New York and crypto mining 

(00:06:09) Twitters head of crypto resigns

(00:06:17) Collecting data

(00:06:48) Binance recovery fund and Voyager bid

(00:07:06) No NFTs on GTA

(00:07:48) Wired article sharing a crypto situation 

(00:07:58) EOS Founder buys stake in Silvergate 

(00:08:29) Celebs and NFTs, ApeCoin DAO, and NFTs still selling

(00:10:13) Edward Snowden on gm Podcast 

(00:10:44) In closing

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