Apple Updates NFT Rules, Twitter NFTs, 2.5 Million Skateboard with NFT +more

Apple Updates NFT Rules, Twitter NFTs, 2.5 Million Skateboard with NFT +more

When a company reaches a critical mass, should we not evolve the way we search for value?

Example. Netflix has reached a critical mass. Yes new subscribers are important, BUT. Is retention of existing subscribers and cash flow not more important to help determine current value?

New subscribers alone does not make sense to us.

Week 43, Year 2022, Episode 33.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Apple Issues New App Store Rules for Crypto and NFT Payments
  • Apple Refuses to Exempt NFTs From App Store’s 30% Fee
  • Apple Takes Bite Out of App Store NFTs in Hunt For Revenue
  • Twitter Will Allow Users to Buy and Sell NFTs Through Tweets
  • Walmart CTO Weighs in on the Role of Crypto Disruption
  • Azuki 'Proof of Skate' Auction Draws $2.5 Million for NFT-Backed Skateboards
  • Google in Talks to Invest $200 Million Into AI Startup
  • OpenAI, Valued at Nearly $20 Billion, in Advanced Talks with Microsoft For More Funding
  • OpenAI Leads Financing of Andrew Mason’s Descript at $500 Million–Plus Valuation
  • ‘This Time Is Really, Really Different’: The Early Adopter’s Guide to the Ingenious, Uncanny, Slightly Terrifying World of Generative AI
  • Stability AI CEO, After Ruffling Feathers of Researchers, Discussed $1 Billion in New Financing
  • War of the Art Worlds: Generative AI Sparks a New Culture Clash Among Creatives
  • Dogecoin Jumps as Dogechain Gains Traction Among Retail Crypto Traders
  • Vietnam's Prime Minister Says Country Needs to Regulate Crypto
  • Nearly Half of Younger People Want Crypto Exposure in 401(k)s, Schwab Study Says
  • Cosmos Ecosystem Will Soon Vote on ATOM 2.0’s Revised White Paper
  • Western Union Trademark Filings Signal Crypto, Web3 Exploration
  • Jack Dorsey-Founded Bluesky Unveils Roadmap for Decentralized Social Networks
  • Vertu’s Luxury Web3 Phone Tops Out at $41,000
  • ‘Father of Android’ Andy Rubin is Back with Surveillance Startup
  • UK Lawmakers Vote to Recognize Crypto as Regulated Financial Instruments
  • Why 137-Year-Old Brand Bicycle is Making Bored Ape NFT Playing Cards
  • The State of Crypto and Where Its Headed Podcast
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club tell all: The untold story of the $4 billion crypto startup
  • Halloween Costumes for Broke Crypto Traders

More News This Week

  • Crypto Exchange Binance Confirms $500M Investment in Musk's Twitter Takeover
  • Beyond Dogecoin: Elon Musk Explains Why He Bought Twitter
  • Scammers Spread Fake Reddit NFTs on OpenSea
  • Former Ant Group Executive Raising $300 Million for Asia Fintech Fund
  • Christensen Under Fire After MakerDAO Members Vote for His Reorganization Plan
  • Ex-Goldman Sachs Partner Adam Dell’s Crypto Startup Stumbles
  • SushiDAO Seeks Shelter in Cayman Islands, Panama
  • Meta Responds to Its Next Threat: Apps That Link Instagram Influencers and Superfans
  • Binance Launches Native Oracle Network, Starting With BNB Chain
  • Reddit NFTs Challenge Bored Apes on OpenSea With Trade Surge
  • Central Bank of Turkey Plans to Launch a CBDC in 2023
  • Bitcoin Eyes Safe-Haven Status as Gold Correlation Returns, Says Bank of America
  • Fyre Festival’s Island Is Being Turned Into an Enclave for Crypto Millionaires
  • Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Tees Up 3 Reasons Crypto Beats Gold
  • This Week in Coins: Bitcoin and Ethereum See Green Shoots, Dogecoin Gets Musk Twitter Bump
  • Meet the AInfluencers: 14 Creators Using Generative AI to Gain Big Followings


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:24) Show intro

(00:00:54) Disclosures

(00:01:14) Reviewing companies needs to be agile

(00:02:21) Apple rules for NFTs

(00:03:31) Twitter Buy Sell NFTs

(00:03:54) Wal Mart CTO on crypto

(00:04:06) 2.5 Million Skateboard NFTs

(00:04:59) AI heavy in the headlines

(00:07:17) Dogecoin Twitter bump

(00:07:24) Vietnam crypto regulation

(00:07:38) Boomer service Scwhab crypto study

(00:07:53) Cosmos Vote 

(00:08:11) Western Union in Crypto

(00:08:23) Jack Dorsey Bluesk

(00:08:34) 41,000 web3 phone

(00:09:00) Andy Rubins next venture

(00:09:11) UK votes for crypto regulation

(00:09:17) Bicycle playing cards NFTs 

(00:09:43) Coinbase podcast episode

(00:10:12) Fast Company BAYC tell all

(00:10:31) Halloween costumes for crypto

(00:10:54) In closing

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