Aptos Launch Headlines, Plaid Gets Into Crypto, Lord of the Rings NFTs +more

Aptos Launch Headlines, Plaid Gets Into Crypto, Lord of the Rings NFTs +more

We, the crypto, blockchain, web3 worlds need to be agile with how to deploy products for the next 6 months. Next 6 years and so on until everything gets flushed out.

The news this week is abundant ;)

Week 42, Year 2022, Episode 32.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Custodia’s Caitlin Long Blasts Fed Over BNY Mellon Entering Crypto
  • VCs and investment firms have been increasingly active in DAO governance.
  • Ripple Obtains Long-Sought Documents of Former SEC Official Who Declared Ethereum Not a Security
  • Inside the hazy future of blockchain
  • 'Solana Killer' Aptos Launches Its Highly Anticipated Mainnet
  • Aptos Market Debut: More Than $1 Billion Worth of APT Traded in First Week
  • Aptos Token Plummets 40% After APT Airdrop for 'Early Network Participants'
  • Aptos Blockchain Launches to Concerns Over Tokenomics
  • Aptos NFTs Are Coming—And May Put Network Scalability Claims to the Test
  • New Blockchain Aptos Unveils Controversial Tokenomics, APT Incentive Plans
  • Microsoft Says it’s Developing a Mobile Game Store to Compete with Google and Apple
  • Venture FOMO Returns as Investors Chase Artificial Intelligence Deals
  • Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Adds Instant Bank-to-Crypto Transfers
  • Plaid's New Web3 Wallet Onboard Tool Will Support MetaMask, Coinbase, Ledger
  • Plaid into crypto
  • Coinbase Threatens to Sue Crypto Traders Who Profited From Pricing Glitch
  • Stanford Wants a Bigger Piece of Silicon Valley’s Top VC Funds: Endowment Chief
  • Fidelity’s Crypto Platform to Add Ether Trading for Institutional Clients
  • Binance Denies Allegations It Intends to Use Users' Uniswap Tokens for Voting
  • DeFi Exchange Mango Markets Will Soon Start Refunding Users for $114M Exploit
  • NFT Creators Have Earned $1.8 Billion in Royalties to Date: Galaxy Digital
  • Warner Bros Releases Ethereum-Compatible ‘Lord of the Rings’ NFTs
  • Netflix Exploring Cloud Gaming to Bring Titles to TVs and PCs, Will Establish In-House Games Studio in Southern California
  • Rarible Expands NFT Aggregator With Token Rewards That 'Can’t Be Gamed'

More News This Week

  • Latest in Crypto Hiring: Binance.US Adds Ex-FBI Agent to Lead Investigations
  • Ethereum Is Not Under Attack: Understanding MEV-boost Relays
  • Sam Bankman-Fried Proposes ‘Respect’ for OFAC in Crypto Regulatory Framework
  • Pro-crypto Wyoming Not Yet Pro Enough To Attract Bitcoin Miners
  • Web3 Watch: Rarible Revamps Marketplace, ApeCoin DAO Adds Bug Bounty
  • Binance Unintentionally Delegated 13.2 Million UNI Tokens


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:23) Show intro

(00:00:51) Disclosures

(00:01:03) Thoughts for the week

(00:01:53) BNY Melon Custodia 

(00:02:25) VC and Investment firms active in DAOs

(00:02:36) Ripple and SEC documents

(00:02:53) Variety report

(00:03:31) Aptos launch and a ton of headlines

(00:04:08) Microsoft developing mobile game store, finally

(00:05:09) Venture FOMOover AI

(00:05:32) Metamask ads instant bank to crypto transfers

(00:05:44) Plaid gets into crypto

(00:06:07) Coinbase threatens to sue over Georgia glitch

(00:06:34) Endowments want in on the action

(00:06:47) Fidelity adds Ether

(00:06:57) Binance voting power

(00:07:16) Mango markets refunding

(00:07:23) NFT royalties 

(00:07:51) Lord of the Rings NFTs

(00:08:00) Rarible expansion

(00:08:07) Solana could get enforceable NFT royalties

(00:08:51) In closing

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