Celsius Freeze Withdrawals, PayPal Embracing Crypto, Telegram for Venting +more

Celsius Freeze Withdrawals, PayPal Embracing Crypto, Telegram for Venting +more

Hot outside but cold when a big platform such as Celsius freezes withdrawals. While there is always not-so-good news with any market, there was a lot to be positive about this week in crypto. One awesome point, would be if regulation does NOT tax staking or mining until an actual taxable event such as selling occurs, keep your fingers crossed.

Week 24, Year 2022, Episode 14.

Crypto Vibes Podcast by Fort Brox is a weekly podcast recapping the news in the world of crypto.

News Links Mentioned In The Show

Jack Dorsey and web5 declaration

Web5 Slide Deck

Web3 Watch: Is Web5 Better Than Web3?

Embattled Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Breaks 3-Day Silence

Celsius Calls on Citigroup for Options After Liquidity Squeeze, Report Says

Regulators in Five States Target Celsius Over Withdrawal Freeze: Report

'Few Are Feeling OK': Celsius Investors Unlikely to Fund Bailout: Report

Kevin O’Leary Says ‘Panic Event’ Is Needed Before Crypto Bottoms Coindesk Video

New Crypto Bill Suggests Unrealized Staking Gains Should Not Be Taxed

When Payments Go Programmable

Elon Musk Teases Crypto Integration at His First Twitter All-hands

Goldman Sachs Executes Its First Trade of Ether-Linked Derivative: Report

PayPal Exec Excited About NFTs, Stablecoins and Digital Identity

Lido DAO Proposes Governance Switch Up

Immutable Earmarks $500M Fund for Gaming, Web3 Development

Helium Crypto Wireless Network to Launch New Tokens Amid Expansion

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Prices Slump Along With Market

How Do Kwon Allegedly Cashed Out $2.7B From Terra Network

Crypto.com, BlockFi to Cut Over 400 Jobs Amid Market Rout

Binance.US Accused of Misleading Investors in Class-Action Lawsuit Over Terra

Coinbase To Cut 18% of Workforce, CEO Wary of Potential Recession

Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Share Price Slumps 28% on Crypto Sell-off

Nexo Knew Celsius Was in Trouble Before Lender’s Withdrawal Freeze

Binance, Kraken and Polygon Accelerate Hiring in Response to Industry-Wide Job Cuts

MetaMask, Phantom and Other Browser Wallets Patch Security Vulnerability

BitMEX’s Delo Will Not Face Prison After Guilty Plea

DeFi Protocol Inverse Finance Exploited for $1.2M

Huobi Thailand To Close After Watchdog Cancels Trading License

Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX Hit With $258 Billion Dogecoin Lawsuit

MakerDAO Votes to Disable Aave DAI Supply, Reducing Celsius Exposure

With Crypto VC Booming It’s High Time to Close the Gender Gap in Web3

Jim Cramer Turns Bearish on Crypto. Is That Bullish?

Adam Neumann’s ‘Goddess Nature Token’ Is the Future of Crypto—for Better or Worse

Crypto Has a Gender Diversity Problem, Let’s Talk About It

NFT Lending Market Reveals a Need for Liquidity

Powell Calls Fed’s 0.75% Rate Increase ‘Unusually Large,’ Warns of Slowing Economy

US Labor Dept. Urged to Rescind Crypto Guidance as Pushback Grows

SEC Opens Investigation Into Insider Trading on Crypto Exchanges: Report

There's a Telegram for People to Scream Over the Bitcoin Crash

Mark Cuban: Crypto Firms Sustained by 'Cheap, Easy Money' Will Disappear in Crash

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