Crypto Dust, Solana Web3 Phone, 23 Big Banks In Crypto, Snoop Dogg & Eminem BAYC PFP Video +more

Crypto Dust, Solana Web3 Phone, 23 Big Banks In Crypto, Snoop Dogg & Eminem BAYC PFP Video +more

There is a lot happening in crypto and web3 that is competing to be headline news this week.

Everything from Solana creating a Web3 Mobile Phone to Celsius enlisting advisors for potential bankruptcy. While the Bear market has exposed a lot of business model issues, there has been an increasing amount of adoption. Growth pains hurt.

Week 25, Year 2022, Episode 15.

Crypto Vibes Podcast by Fort Brox is a weekly podcast recapping the news in the world of crypto.

News Links Mentioned In The Show

Convert What is Crypto Dust on Binance

Solana Branches Out to Hardware Development With Web3 Mobile Phone

Infographic - Around 23 major banks have made at least one investment in blockchain/crypto-linked entities in the cycle from August 2021 to May 2022.

Celsius Enlists Advisers for Potential Bankruptcy, According to WSJ Report

Solana Labs Is Building a Web3 Mobile Phone

Facebook expanded offering for creators

Digital Toy Platform Cryptoys Raises $23M From a16z, Dapper Labs, Mattel

BlockFi Inks $250M Credit Deal With FTX To Ease Liquidity Fears

Crypto Lending Platform Maple Finance Latest To Warn of ‘Insufficient Cash’ Amid Market Turmoil

CoinFLEX halts withdrawals amid 'extreme market conditions'

Huobi Accuses Former Senior Manager of Making $5M via Illegal Trades

Binance.US’ Zero-fee Bitcoin Trading May Trigger Fee War for Exchanges

Binance Launches Institutional Platform for VIP High Rollers

Moody’s Downgrades Coinbase’s Debt on Profitability Concerns

Coinbase Launches First Crypto Derivatives Product Aimed at Retail Traders

Leading Standards Organizations and Companies Unite to Drive Open Metaverse Interoperability

Time Magazine and The Sandbox to Rebuild NYC in Metaverse

Crypto Miner Bitfarms Sells Bitcoin to Reduce Debt, Boost Liquidity

Electricity used to mine bitcoin plummets as crypto crisis widens


Why Bill Murray Is Making Ethereum NFTs About His Life

Doodles NFTs Announces Pharrell as Chief Brand Officer, Fundraise Led by Alexis Ohanian

EBay Snaps Up NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin

MoonPay Primes NFT Minting Service HyperMint

Uniswap Labs Pushes Further Into NFTs With Genie Acquisition

Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Limitations of NFT Ownership

CBDCs, Not Crypto, Will Be Cornerstone of Future Monetary System, BIS Says

Powell Sees No ‘Macroeconomic Implications’ From Bitcoin Price Swings, But ‘Better Regulatory Framework’ Still Needed

Powell says the Federal Reserve is tracking crypto market volatility 'very closely'

Singapore Will Crack Down on Bad Crypto Behavior: Report

Brussels’ Fledgling Crypto Industry Flexes Its Muscles

ECB President Lagarde: Crypto Staking and Lending Must Be Regulated

Ontario Securities Commission Slaps Bybit and KuCoin With Penalties

India Clarifies Crypto Taxes, as Trading Volumes Crater

Solana Lending Protocol Faces Governance Conundrum

Solana DeFi Platform Votes to Control Whale Account in Bid to Avoid Liquidation 'Chaos'

Celsius Network Pauses AMAs, With Customers Left in the Dark Over Withdrawals

Do Kwon and Terraform Labs Slapped With Class-Action Suit

Dogecoin Worth Millions Linked To Illicit Activity Including Terrorism: Elliptic

Terraform Labs Employees Barred From Leaving South Korea

Terra's Do Kwon: 'There Is a Difference Between Failing and Running a Fraud'

Celsius’ Woes Spark Boom in Ledger Sales

Convex Finance Sets Up New URLs After Website Address Is Hijacked

Survey: More Than Half of Latin Americans Have Paid With Crypto

MATIC Jumps as Polygon Introduces Improved Privacy for DAOs

Snoop Dogg and Eminem Become Bored Apes in New Music Video


(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:23) Introduction

(00:01:16) Disclosures

(00:02:53) Convert Your Crypto Dust on Binance.Us

(00:03:34) Solana Mobile Phone

(00:04:20) 23 Major Banks Involvement in Crypto Infographic

(00:05:24) Facebook Is Expanding Offering for Creators

(00:05:57) Tread Lightly Crypto Toys

(00:06:51) BlockFi Inks $250M Deal with FTX

(00:07:13) Maple Finance Insufficient Cash

(00:08:03) Coin Flex Halts Withdrawals

(00:08:11) Huobi Exchange Accuses Former Manager for $5M In Illegal Trades

(00:08:31) Binance.US Zero Bitcoin Fee

(00:09:46) Moody's Downgrades Coinbase Debt

(00:10:29) Coinbase Launches Derivatives

(00:11:01) Metaverse Council

(00:12:02) Time Magazine and Sandbox Rebuild Metaverse NYC

(00:12:44) Bitfarm Sells Half Of Bitcoin to Reduce Debt

(00:13:55) Electricity Use To Mine Bitcoin Plummets

(00:14:30) God Hates NFTs The Hundreds

(00:15:13) Bill Murray NFTs

(00:16:09) Doodles NFT Names Pharrell As Chief Brand Officer

(00:16:33) eBay Acquires KnownOrigin

(00:17:01) MoonPay Primes NFT Service

(00:17:08) Uniswap Labs Getting Into NFT Market With Genie Acquisition

(00:17:46) BAYC and the Limitations of NFTs

(00:17:56) CBDC Op-ed Being a Cornerstone

(00:19:25) Powell Says Feb Is Tracking Crypto Market Volatility

(00:19:39) Brussels Adopting Crypto

(00:20:16) ECB President Crypto Staking Must Be Regulated

(00:20:26) Ontario Slapping Penalties to KuCoin and Buy Bit

(00:20:54) Solano Lending Faces Governance Conundrum

(00:20:59) Solana DeFi Platform Votes On Control From Whale

(00:21:40) Celsius Pauses AMAs

(00:22:02) Do Kwan Slapped With Class-action Lawsuit

(00:22:47) Dogecoin Linked To Illicit Activity

(00:23:15) Terraform Labs Employees Barred From Leaving South Korea

(00:23:28) Do Kwon Quote

(00:24:26) Celsius Woes Help Ledger Sales Who Is Also Getting Into NFT Marketplaces

(00:24:38) Convex Finance Exploit But No Issues As Of Now

(00:24:49) Latin Americans Crypto Adoption Survey By Mastercard

(00:25:22) Matic Jumps

(00:25:27) Snoop Dogg and Eminem BAYC PFPs In Music Video

(00:27:06) In Closing

(00:27:43) Outtro

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