Ethereum Future Plans, Ex Coinbase Insider Trading, EPIC and NFTs +more

Ethereum Future Plans, Ex Coinbase Insider Trading, EPIC and NFTs +more

The headlines this week were a mixed bag of hopeful, legal, adoption, and business as usual.

Week 29, Year 2022, Episode 19.

News Mentioned In Episode

Ethereum Merge? Get Ready for the 'Surge, Verge, Purge, and Splurge', Says Vitalik Buterin


SEC Charges Former Coinbase Manager, Two Others in Crypto Asset Insider Trading Action

The End of Ownership: Why the Battle Over Paying TV Creatives Is Only Getting Crazier

Epic Games 'Definitely Won’t' Follow Minecraft’s Lead and Ban NFTs, Says CEO

Microsoft’s Minecraft to Ban NFTs on Game Servers, Derivative NFT Projects

Binance.US Starts Affiliate Marketing Program, Taking Aim at Coinbase

DeFi Is Betting Big on ‘Zero Knowledge’ — Is the Technology Ready?

Polygon - A global & sustainable Web3 infrastructure built on Ethereum.

Polygon - 2022 Disney Accelerator Participants Announced

Polygon Readies ZK Rollup Testnet, Eyes Mainnet Launch in 2023

The Same Law Firm Is Representing Celsius, Voyager and Babel Finance

Stablecoin Bill Won’t Force All Issuers to Be Banks, Congressman Says

Dubai Unveils Metaverse Strategy, Aims to Attract Over 1,000 Firms


Elon Musk: Tesla’s Bitcoin Sale Not a Verdict on the Asset

Binance Says It Doesn't Stake or Lend 'Locked' Dogecoin

Employees Want To Be Paid in Crypto, Report Shows

Yuga Labs Opens Otherside for ‘First Trips’ in Bored Ape Metaverse

Shopify partners with YouTube to shore up sales from content creators

a16z is Moving to the Cloud

Crypto Market Back Above $1 Trillion as Bitcoin, Ethereum Rebound

More News From The Week

FTX Reportedly in Talks to Buy South Korean Exchange Bithumb

Final Fantasy NFTs Coming to Polkadot in Square Enix, Enjin Alliance

NFT Game Publisher Animoca Raises $75M—At Higher Valuation Than Before Crypto Crash

DOJ Charges Virtual Asset Firm Founder With $6M Investor Fraud

3AC Co-Founders Headed to Dubai, Want Orderly Liquidation: Report

SEC Hasn’t Subpoenaed Binance About BNB: FOIA Response

Ether Futures See $230M in Liquidations as Merge Pushes ETH to $1.5K

BlockFi Offering Employee Buyouts Just One Month After Cutting Staff by 20%

SatoshiStreetBets: Redditor wins battle over Satoshi-inspired crypto name

MetaMask Girds for Crypto Winter by Drawing Lessons From the Last One

Discord CEO Proves There’s Life Without Microsoft

An ‘Exceptionally High’ Bar: Investors Shift Focus in New Crypto Deals

JPMorgan Sees Crypto Retail Demand Improving, End of 'Intense' Deleveraging Phase

Citi Says Crypto Contagion Appears to Have Ceased

Central African Republic launches 'Sango Coin' cryptocurrency amid industry rout

Thai SEC Asks Zipmex to Clarify Withdrawal Freeze

South Korean Prosecutors Raid Terra Co-Founder Daniel Shin's Home: Report

3AC Co-founders Used Fund’s Assets for $50M Yacht, Bungalows

Jump Capital-backed Crypto Exchange Suspends Withdrawals

Three Arrows Owes Polkadot Developer Moonbeam Foundation Over $27M, Court Documents Show

Gemini Exchange Cuts Workforce for Second Time in 2 Months: Report

Bored Ape whale loses $150,000 of ETH in ENS listing fumble

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick Among Bankrupt Voyager’s Largest Creditors, Court Documents Show

Three Arrows Capital Founders Say Terra, GBTC Trades Led to Fund Blowup: Report

21Shares Expands ‘Crypto Winter’ Product Lineup

Osmosis Co-founder Doesn’t See Cosmos and Polkadot as Competitors

Polygon Launches New Scaling Solution to Further Cut Costs on Ethereum


(00:00:00) Intro song

(00:00:00) Intro to show

(00:00:56) Disclosures

(00:01:05) Show Notes Info

(00:01:14) Show Format Update

(00:01:52) Ethereum Surge, Verge, Purge, and Splurge

(00:03:20) Former Employee Charged by SEC for Insider Trading

(00:04:47) TV Talent Own More of Their Content

(00:05:45) Video Game, NFTs, Metaverse, and More

(00:06:22) Binance.US Affilate Program 

(00:07:35) Polygon Has A Big Week. zkEVM and Disney Accelerator

(00:09:25) Same Law Firm Is Representing Celsius, Voyager, and Babel

(00:09:51) Stablecoin Bill Won't Force Issuers To Be Banks

(00:10:01) Dubai and the Metaverse

(00:10:24) UFC Fighter Paid In Bitcoin, But so do a lot of others 

(00:10:45) Tesla On BTC Sale

(00:10:53) Binance and Dogecoin

(00:10:59) More Employees Want To Be Paid In Crypto

(00:11:07) Yuga Labs Otherside Trips

(00:11:26) Shopify Integrating With YouTube

(00:11:49) Crypto Back At $1 Trillion In Market Cap

(00:12:24) In Closing

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