FTX + Alameda + Sam Bankman-Fried = Drama In Crypto +more

FTX + Alameda + Sam Bankman-Fried = Drama In Crypto +more

The headlines this week were dominated by FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried's undoing.

This. does not help the crypto industry in reputation but it could ultimately help with getting the proper regulation and course correcting how crypto can be built for a brighter future.

Week 45, Year 2022, Episode 35.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • FTX Agrees to Sell Itself to Rival Binance Amid Liquidity Scare at Crypto Exchange
  • BREAKING: Binance Abandons Plans to Acquire FTX
  • NFL Legend Tom Brady Caught in FTX Fallout, Risks Losing Complete Strategic Investment
  • Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Drained From FTX Overnight in 'Unauthorized' Transfers
  • 3 ways crypto venture capital may change in the wake of the FTX meltdown
  • Tron's Justin Sun Announces Plans to Return ‘Normalcy for All FTX Users’
  • FTX Users Pull Millions Off the Exchange as Limited Withdrawals Resume
  • FTX Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, SBF Steps Down as CEO
  • Elon Musk: Sam Bankman-Fried 'Set Off My BS Detector' When He Approached About Twitter Investment
  • Bankman-Fried’s Cabal of Roommates in the Bahamas Ran His Crypto Empire – and Dated. Other Employees Have Lots of Questions
  • What happens to the FTX empire’s 200+ crypto investments now?
  • FTX’s VC Backers That Lost the Most
  • ‘People Think He’s Just a Straight-Up Sociopath’: The 5 Biggest Warning Signs We Missed About SBF
  • FTX’s Bankman-Fried Quietly Invested More than $500 Million in Sequoia and Other VCs
  • The Role Regulators Played in the FTX Fiasco
  • FTX Investment Now Worth Zero, VC Giant Sequoia Says
  • From Voyager to Miami, FTX Implosion Leaves Crypto World in Limbo
  • How Sam Bankman-Fried’s ‘Effective’ Altruism Blew Up FTX
  • Coinbase CEO Says Company Doesn't Have 'Any Material Exposure' to FTX or Alameda
  • Coinbase, Ripple CEOs Blame SEC for FTX User Strife
  • BREAKING: Sam Bankman-Fried Breaks Silence with Twitter Thread, and Reveals FTX's Next Steps
  • Saved Once by Now-Teetering FTX, BlockFi Again Halts Withdrawals
  • Here comes crypto regulation—and in a hurry
  • Will Anyone in the US Be Able To Do Business With Binance?
  • Ethereum Co-Founder Di Iorio Unveils Project to Bring Blockchain Computers to a Wider Audience
  • Bank of Korea Tested NFT Trading, Remittances With CBDC: Report
  • Mastercard Welcomes 7 Crypto, Blockchain Startups to Fintech Innovation Program
  • Why NFT Artists Shouldn't Expect 'Royalties'
  • Revealed: How MicroStrategy Would Have Performed if It Invested in Ether Instead of Bitcoin
  • Adam Bomb Squad Cancels OpenSea NFT Drop Over Royalties Dispute: 'Artists Are Always in Control'

More News This Week

  • Free Rent: OpenAI Deal Shows One Way Microsoft Seeds Its Cloud
  • Mainstreaming NFTs: Use Cases, Art, More
  • From NFL to NFTs, Tim Tebow Gets Into the College Game With Solana-Based Platform
  • No ICO Is No Excuse, LBRY Ruling Shows — Bad News for Ripple?
  • Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Files Motion to Extend Submission Time for Reorganization Plan
  • Coinbase Is Cutting More Jobs
  • TikTok’s Secret Weapon Has Always Been Audio
  • Meta Cuts 11,000 Jobs — Including in Struggling Metaverse Division
  • DARPA Research on Cryptocurrency and National Security Risks
  • SoftBank Posts Profit As Alibaba Share Sale Offsets Vision Fund’s Loss
  • Crypto.com Holds 20% of Its Reserves in Meme Token SHIB


  • (00:07:43) Ethereum co-founder unveils blockchain computers
  • (00:07:50) Bank of Korea testing NFT trading
  • (00:08:07) NFT artists should not expect royalties
  • (00:08:19) MicroStrategy should've invested in Ether?
  • (00:08:40) Adam Bomb cancels OpenSea NFT drop

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