FTX Fallout Continues, We Did Not Buy Twitter, Companies Build +more

FTX Fallout Continues, We Did Not Buy Twitter, Companies Build +more

FTX headlines continue, but one other big talking point this week is that of Twitter.

We did not buy Twitter, none of us did. Elon Musk bought Twitter.

And Elon is getting beaten up about it. While we may have opinions about the changes, you have to acknowledge that he is losing billions to try and make Twitter profitable, something Twitter has always struggled with.

It will be interesting to see what Twitter looks like in 365 days from now.

Week 46, Year 2022, Episode 36.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Tom Brady, Giselle Bündchen, Larry David & Steph Curry Caught In FTX Crypto Fallout With Class Action Suit
  • Proof of Reserves Isn't a 'Panacea' for Future FTX-Like Collapses, Industry Leaders Caution
  • FTX US Loaned BlockFi $250 Million in FTT
  • FTX's New Leadership Is in Touch With Regulators, May Have Over 1M Creditors, New Filings Say
  • Liquid Global Halts Withdrawals as FTX Contagion Continues
  • The Man Who Helped Sam Bankman-Fried Raise Billions
  • FTX Ventures Head Amy Wu Resigns
  • Visa Pulls Plug on FTX Partnership, Will Wind Down Debit Cards: Report
  • Nearly $500M Stolen From FTX Hours After Bankruptcy Filing
  • ‘This is fraud’: Coinbase CFO says of FTX as more crypto fintechs get caught in contagion
  • Tumblr Blog Linked to Ex-Alameda CEO Explored Race Science, ‘Imperial Chinese Harem’ Polyamory
  • Genesis Halting Withdrawals in Crypto Lending Arm
  • Alameda Research Loaned Sam Bankman-Fried $3.3 Billion
  • Bahamas Police Are Investigating Potential 'Criminal Misconduct' by FTX
  • Leaked FTX documents offer clues as to why VCs may have ignored due diligence
  • Alameda Had ‘Secret Exemption’ From FTX Liquidation Protocols, New CEO Says
  • Solana DeFi Sees Almost $700M in Value Wiped Out on FTX Fallout
  • VCs Consider Suing Bankman-Fried
  • Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat Axe FTX Deals
  • Voyager 'Shocked, Disgruntled, Dismayed' by FTX Bankruptcy as Crypto Lender Searches for Another Buyer
  • Binance to Relaunch Bid for Bankrupt Crypto Lender Voyager: Source
  • JPM’s Jamie Dimon: Regulators Have Done ‘Nothing’ to Stem Crypto Fraud
  • CFTC Pushes Back Against Amicus Briefs in Ooki DAO Lawsuit
  • Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to More Than 11 Years in Prison for Theranos Fraud
  • Bank of America Says Crypto Exchanges' Proof of Reserves Have Too Many Shortcomings
  • Gemini Dollar Lending Rates Spiked as High as 73% on Aave Amid Genesis Freeze
  • Cardano-Based Regulated Stablecoin USDA Will Hit the Market in Early 2023
  • Web3 Watch: Yuga Labs Adds to Portfolio, Nike Creates NFT Marketplace
  • No With Veto: Cosmos Community Rejects ATOM 2.0 White Paper
  • Crypto.com Accidentally Sent $400M to Rival Exchange
  • Less Than Three Weeks Later, Elon Musk Is Seeking a Twitter CEO
  • Twitter Temporarily Closes Offices as Hundreds Depart Company
  • Twitter Finds a New Head of Trust and Safety
  • NVIDIA Teams With Microsoft to Build Massive Cloud AI Computer

More News This Week

  • Dollar-cost Averaging Bitcoin Would’ve Saved El Salvador $18M
  • What Happens When Crypto Meets Ted Lasso
  • Confusion Abounds As Binance and OKX Suspend Support for USDC, USDT on Solana, Then Backpedal
  • Matter Labs Raises $200M to Scale Ethereum With zkSync Solution
  • 4,500 Doxed Tokensoft Users, a Rush on Cold Storage Wallets: Where’s the Silver Lining?
  • Sam Bankman-Fried Trashes Regulators, Ethics and the Last Shreds of His Reputation


  • (00:07:09) Elizabeth Holmes 11 year sentence
  • (00:07:17) BofA point of view on proof of reserves
  • (00:07:52) Crypto.com accidentally send $400m
  • (00:08:15) Cosmo Atom 2.0 whitepaper vote
  • (00:08:38) NVIDIA and Microsoft partner for AI

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