Home Tokenized, Microsoft Edge Ethereum Wallet, IRS Seeks NFT Tax Rules, + more

Home Tokenized, Microsoft Edge Ethereum Wallet, IRS Seeks NFT Tax Rules, + more

This week has been a mixed bag across the board. Crypto market is not as bad and some would say, and a lot of SEC enforcement news. Then you have news that is not directly crypto such as TikTok in front of Congress and Apple and Amazon wanting to place Billions into entertainment.

This and more in this week's recap of news.

Week 12, Year 2023, Episode 50.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Atlanta Home Tokenized on Ethereum, Nets $214,882 in Under 3 Minutes
  • Microsoft edge testing built in Ethereum crypto wallet
  • IRS Seeks to Tax NFTs Like Other Collectibles
  • Coinbase Is Weighing Setting Up Non-U.S. Trading Platform: Bloomberg
  • SushiSwap Defense Fund Against SEC Subpoena Already in Works
  • Lindsay Lohan, Lil Yachty, Jake Paul Among Celebrities Hit With SEC Charges for Touting Crypto
  • Adobe, Nvidia AI imagery systems aim to resolve copyright questions
  • Coinbase's Landmark Supreme Court Hearing Breaks New Ground for Crypto
  • Biden Report: Most of Crypto Has 'No Fundamental Value'
  • Swipe Left To Short, Right To Long: Tinder for NFT Leverage Goes Live
  • Celsius To Return 72% of Crypto to Custody Account Holders
  • Tron Founder Justin Sun Sued by U.S. SEC on Securities, Market Manipulation Charges
  • SEC Warns Coinbase It's Pursuing Enforcement Action Over Securities Violations
  • Coinbase Furious as SEC Suggests It Will Take Enforcement Action
  • Nasdaq Aiming to Debut Crypto Custody Service by Q2 End: Bloomberg
  • Do Kwon Now Faces Criminal Fraud Charges From U.S. Prosecutors
  • Utah first state to pass social media regulations aimed at protecting minors
  • Heated Reaction in China to TikTok CEOโ€™s U.S. Testimony
  • Block: How Inflated User Metrics and โ€œFrictionlessโ€ Fraud Facilitation Enabled Insiders To Cash Out Over $1 Billion
  • Apple to Spend $1 Billion a Year on Films to Break Into Cinemas

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