KuCoin Chatter, Elon No Twitter, Reddit NFTs, Voyager Bankruptcy, and +more

KuCoin Chatter, Elon No Twitter, Reddit NFTs, Voyager Bankruptcy, and +more

While the news headlines have focused on bankruptcies and the realities of business models in a bear market, there has been the mainstay of adoption and acquisitions of crypto and the tech behind it.

This week's recap has a lot of big news packed on all sides of the spectrum.

Week 27, Year 2022, Episode 17.

Crypto Vibes Podcast by Fort Brox is a weekly podcast recapping the news in the world of crypto.

News Links Mentioned In The Show

Elon Musk Says He’s Terminating Deal to Buy Twitter, Company Vows to Sue Him

KuCoin CEO Tweet Be aware of FUDs! Not sure who's spreading these sheer rumors, and what their intentions are, but #KuCoin does not have any exposure to LUNA, 3AC, Babel, etc. No “immense suffer” from any “coin collapse”, no plan to halt

Price of Bitcoin Exchange KuCoin's KCS Token Tanks Amid Insolvency Rumors

MakerDAO Members Vote On $100M DAI Vault for Bank

Chinese Tech Giants Alibaba, Tencent to Require ID Checks for NFT Purchases

Three Arrows Capital Files For Bankruptcy: Report

BlockFi, FTX Agree to New Credit Deal and Acquisition Terms

FTX Reaches Deal To Acquire BlockFi for up to $240M

Bank for International Settlements to allow banks to keep 1% of reserves in Bitcoin

Here’s how undercover Feds got a drug ring near Boston to send $1M in bitcoin

British Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts hacked to promote cryptocurrency scams

Cosmos-Builder Ignite Cuts Headcount by More Than 50%, Ex-Employees Say

CoinShares Completes Napoleon Acquisition, Can Now Promote Products Across EU

Core Scientific Sold Over 7K Bitcoins for About $167M in June, Sees More Sales

Nexo Signs Term Sheet With Vauld for Potential Acquisition

Crypto Crash Halts Plans by Statehouses to Accept Bitcoin Tax Payments

WonderFi Closes Acquisition of Crypto Trading Platform Coinberry

Is the future of crypto regulation on tribal land?

summer reads, cool tools source

Polygon Joins Solana in Bringing Web3 to Smartphones

FTX Presses for Crypto Derivatives Approval, Agitating Legacy Exchanges

Billions in bitcoin trapped on lending platforms like Celsius may turn into a tax write-off for investors

Celsius Repays $183M on DeFi Protocol Maker, Gets Back Collateral, Blockchain Data Shows

Crypto broker Voyager Digital files for bankruptcy following the collapse of Three Arrows

Dallas Mavericks fans
fume at Mark Cuban over Voyager crypto bankruptcy

Developers Behind Shiba Inu Tease Launch of New Stablecoin, Reward Token

Johnson's Exit as British Prime Minister Leaves UK Crypto Ambitions on Hold

Cosmos-based Umee Lines Up First IBC Price Oracle

MakerDAO Adopts Real-world Assets as Crypto Leverage Demand Wanes

Solana Investor Sues Project Insiders, Claims Network Is ‘Highly Centralized’

Regulators Turn Up the Volume on Crypto Messaging

Celsius Loan Liquidation Caused ‘No Losses to Tether

Celsius Accused of Fraud in Lawsuit by Ex-Employee

The Crypto Mob Grabs Its Pitchforks: Inside the Legal Crusade to Win Back Investors’ Lost Cash

FDIC to Investigate Bankrupt Voyager Digital’s Insurance Claims

Binance Secures Registration in Spain Through Its Moon Tech Subsidiary

Reddit’s New NFT Marketplace Opens the Door for Avatar Sales, Trading

Why Ethereum Name Service Is Seeing a Spike in Domain Registrations


(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:00) Episode Intro

(00:00:36) Disclosures

(00:00:44) About the Show

(00:01:12) Call-to-Action

(00:01:34) Elon Musk Terminates Twitter Deal

(00:01:55) KuCoin Rumors and Speculation

(00:03:47) Maker DAO Vote

(00:04:07) Three Arrows Capital Files For Bankruptcy

(00:04:12) BlockFi and FTX Agree to New Deal

(00:04:46) Bitcoin Reserves for Bank

(00:04:57) Feds and Bitcoin Use in Crimes

(00:05:06) British Army Twitter and YouTube Accounts Hacked

(00:05:48) Cosmos Builder Ignite Cuts Staff

(00:06:02) Coinshares Acquisition of Napoleon

(00:06:13) Core Scientific Sold 7,000 BTC

(00:06:25) Nexo Acquisition of Vauld

(00:06:40) Tax Payments in BTC Halted

(00:06:49) WonderFi Acquisition of Coinberry

(00:06:56) Tribal Land, Crypto Haven?

(00:07:10) A16Z Crypto Substack Summer Reads and Tools

(00:07:18) Polygon Web3 Mobile Phone, Too

(00:07:53) FTX Presses For Crypto Derivatives

(00:09:16) Celsius Repays $183 Million to Maker

(00:09:39) Voyager Digital Files for Bankruptcy

(00:09:53) Dallas Mavericks Fans Fume at Mark Cuban

(00:10:05) Shiba Inu Expanding

(00:10:21) UK Ambitions on Hold

(00:10:41) Umee Oracle

(00:11:23) MakerDAO Adopts Real World Assets

(00:11:56) Solana Sued for Being Centralized Suits States

(00:12:10) Regulators on Crypto Messaging

(00:12:43) Celsius Loan Liquidation Caused No Losses to Tether USDT Announced

(00:13:04) Celsius Accused of Fraud By Ex-Employee

(00:13:20) Small Claims Lawsuits Efforts

(00:13:43) FDIC Investigates Voyager Digital's Insurance Claims

00:13:58) Binance In Spain

(00:14:08) Reddit's New NFT Marketplace

(00:14:28) ENS Growing

(00:14:45) Wrap It Up

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