Mastercard Crypto, Kardashian & SEC, Binance Hack, Coinbase Documentary +more

Mastercard Crypto, Kardashian & SEC, Binance Hack, Coinbase Documentary +more

What if we created new categories to define crypto and the technology behind it for regulation, instead of trying to make it fit into the current laws which were made before crypto was even a reality?

Week 40, Year 2022, Episode 30.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • MasterCard Is Tracking Where, and How, Cardholders Buy Crypto
  • S.5030 - A bill to provide digital asset intermediaries with a safe harbor from certain enforcement actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and for other purposes.
  • Crypto Goes to Washington
  • Deadline Kim Khardashian
  • What Is EthereumMax? Inside the Crypto Kim Kardashian Lost $1.2M Promoting
  • SEC Approach Is ‘Threatening the Entire Ecosystem’: Former CFTC Commissioner
  • CFTC Chair Says Crypto Regulations Could Double Bitcoin Price
  • Binance Smart Chain Halted Over 'Potential Exploit,' $100 Million Taken Off Chain
  • BNB Chain Resumes Activity After 2 Million Token Exploit Though the exploit resulted in 2 million BNB tokens nabbed, the network’s pause meant that attacker only made off with roughly $110 million.
  • What It Takes to Halt a ‘Decentralized’ Blockchain Like Binance
  • ‘Ethereum Killer’ Solana Suffers Another Major Outage
  • Zuckerberg’s Metaverse App on 'Quality Lockdown' as Even Employees Won’t Use It: Report
  • FTX Seeks to Roll Out Crypto-Linked Visa Cards Globally
  • Eric Schimidt Chainlink Advisor
  • Coinbase Documentary - “Coin: A Founder’s Story.” out now on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube as a paid for viewing
  • Coinbase Suffers ‘Major Outage’ for Customers With US Bank Accounts
  • Coinbase Says Funds Are Safe After 6-hour Bank Outage
  • Shopify CEO Spends $3M on Coinbase Stock in 2 Months
  • Twitter Thread: Polygon's business development team is an absolute machine Let's take a look at 10 of its latest partnerships
  • TIME President on NFT Haters: ‘I Don’t Understand the Politicizing of a Technology’
  • Telegram @Wallet Bot Now Lets Users Exchange Crypto With Each Other
  • You Can Now Buy Your Big Mac With Crypto in Lugano, Switzerland
  • Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko on Decrypt Podcast gm

More News This Week

  • The Buzz Over Creator Economy Dulls to a Quiet Roar
  • Ark Invest Jumps Into Crypto SMA Arena
  • Luna Classic, Remnant of Terra Collapse, Drops After Underwhelming Binance Burn Mechanism Data
  • Bored Apes' Otherside Builder Improbable Eyes Fresh Funding at $3BValuation: Report
  • Moonbirds DAO to Launch With $2.6M in Ethereum and NFTs From Kevin Rose’s Proof
  • NFT Monthly Sales Top $947M as Solana Gains Ground on Ethereum
  • Copper Chief Risk Officer Says ‘Cellular Explosion’ Will Accelerate Crypto Usage
  • SWIFT Says It Can Resolve a Major Obstacle to CBDC Adoption
  • Fidelity Expands Crypto Suite With Ethereum Index Fund
  • Coinbase 'Very Supportive' of Giving CFTC Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Huobi Founder Sells Bitcoin Exchange to Hong Kong Investment Firm
  • Former SEC Attorney: 'It's Much Easier If You Launch Your Network In a Compliant Way’
  • SUSHI Jumps 14% After Asset Manager GoldenTree Reveals $5.3M Stake in SushiSwap
  • Dapper Labs Sets Launch Date for LaLiga Golazos NFT Marketplace
  • MakerDAO to Invest $500 Million in US Government Bonds


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:23) Show intro

(00:01:00) Disclosures

(00:01:17) Opening thoughts

(00:02:17) Mastercard tracking crypto spends

(00:02:57) Bill S5030

(00:03:27) Kim Kardashian EthereumMax SEC Penalty

(00:04:34) SEC approach by former CFTC comish

(00:05:34) CFTC POV on Bitcoin

(00:05:52) Binance BNB Hack News

(00:06:44) Solana Outage

(00:07:31) Meta quality lockdown

(00:08:22) FTX and Visa

(00:08:30) EXGoogle CEO at Chainlink

(00:08:38) Coinbase Documentary, Outage, and Stock

(00:10:09) Polygon maintaining momentum

(00:10:29) TIME NFT success

(00:10:43) Telegram allow users to exchange crypto

(00:11:06) Get yo Big Mac with crypto

(00:11:31) In closing

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