Masterclass for Crypto, Apple End-to-End Encryption, OpenSea Royalties  +more

Masterclass for Crypto, Apple End-to-End Encryption, OpenSea Royalties +more

Crypto and blockchain, while similar in many ways is not the same as the Internet.

Crypto and blockchain represents real different progress, fundamental change.

And that scares people.

This and more in this week's recap of news.

Week 49, Year 2022, Episode 39.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • U.S. FTC Launches Crypto Ad Crackdown… But Won't Say Against Who
  • How CoinDesk Lit the Fuse That Blew Up Crypto—and Might Take Down Its Owner Next
  • Sam Bankman-Fried Agrees to Testify Before US House Financial Committee
  • Goldman Sachs 'Plans to Snap Up Crypto Firms at Bargain Prices'
  • Feds Investigating Whether SBF Trades Cause Terra/LUNA Stablecoin Crash: NY Times
  • US Watchdog Says Banks Shying Away From Stumbling Crypto Industry
  • Judge Tosses Lawsuit Accusing Kardashian of Helping Pump and Dump EthereumMax
  • Kevin O'Leary Reveals That He Was Paid $15M to Be FTX Spokesman… And Has Lost It All
  • FTC Sues to Block Microsoft’s $69 Billion Activision Blizzard Acquisition
  • NFT Sales Volume Drops 20% in November
  • ConsenSys Promises To Update Data Practices After Privacy Backlash
  • Circle, SPAC Call Off Plan to Take USDC Issuer Public
  • FTX Japan Plans To Restart Withdrawals
  • Pplpleasr’s Shibuya NFT Video Platform Raises $6.9M to Build the 'A24 of Web3'
  • Masterclass Crypto
  • Apple's New Encryption Policy Is a Huge Boon for Crypto
  • Why Apple’s end-to-end encryption expansion will get government scrutiny
  • Binance Generates 90% of Revenue From Transaction Fees, Changpeng Zhao Says
  • OpenSea Again Changes Course on NFT Royalties After More Creator Pushback
  • Music NFTs Aren’t Listening to Market Conditions
  • Tensions Erupt Between Magic Eden and Metaplex Over Future of Solana NFTs
  • Warner Music Group to Release Polygon Music NFTs Through LGND Platform
  • ConsenSys Updates Privacy Policy for MetaMask, Infura After Community Pushback
  • Celsius Bankruptcy Judge Orders Return of $50M in User Assets
  • Former IRS Agents at Binance Seek to Keep Crypto Crime-Free
  • The DeFi Conundrum: Why Crypto Exchanges Like Uniswap Are Struggling to Reach Critical Mass

More News This Week

  • Crypto and AI-Focused Sequoia Partner Is Leaving the Firm
  • Web3 Watch: Miami Art Week, but Make It Crypto
  • Ripple, SEC Final Briefs Provide Case Summary
  • Chainlink Adds Staking After Cutting Sales Staffers
  • Coinbase CEO Rejects FTX ‘Accounting Error,’ Says Funds Were Obviously ‘Stolen’
  • Sam Bankman-Fried Says He Hired Ghislaine Maxwell's Lawyer
  • 'Diabolical' Bankman-Fried Conned Three Groups, Michael Saylor Claims
  • Nigeria Limits Cash Withdrawals in CBDC Push
  • Aave Companies Acquires Social Metaverse Developer Sonar
  • Bitcoin’s High Correlation to Copper Does Not Bode Well for Short-Term Investors
  • Coinbase CEO Armstrong Confirms Street Expectations for a 50%-Plus Decline in Revenue in 2022
  • Ex-Blockparty CTO Arrested for Stealing Company’s Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin’s Case for Payments Builds With New Strike Development
  • Coinbase Attacks Tether and Urges Users to Switch from USDT to USDC
  • Chainlink’s First Staking Pool Pulls in $170M of LINK Tokens, Hitting Community Limit After 2 Days

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