Metaverse Graphics Priority, NFT Licenses, A Couple of Lawsuits +more

Metaverse Graphics Priority, NFT Licenses, A Couple of Lawsuits +more

People are wondering why the Metaverse graphics suck? Even after $177 Billion has been spent. It looks similar to what Second Life was years ago.

Our simple thought is, it is not a priority for those developing it right now.

There are real challenges to delivering great graphics. Even if Pixar or other Hollywood CGI houses did the graphics, the hardware and bandwidth is going to hinder delivery right now. Which means the experience of play may suffer.

Having said that, graphics and design are incredibly important. Steve Jobs knew it. Sushi restaurants know it. Presentation is as important as the meal itself.

Week 35, Year 2022, Episode 25.  

News Mentioned In Episode

  • The Continued Unraveling of Mark Zuckerberg’s Malicious Metaverse
  • After $177 Billion in Investment, Why Do Metaverse Graphics Still Suck?
  • The Can’t Be Evil NFT Licenses
  • Bored Apes, Moonbirds Have 'Misled' Buyers on NFT IP Rights: Galaxy Digital Report
  • Sues Woman After Sending Her $10 Million by Mistake: Report
  • FBI Asks DeFi Platforms to Increase Security Measures, Warns Crypto Investors Against Vulnerabilities
  • California Assembly Passes Crypto Regulation Bill That Requires Bank-Issued Stablecoins
  • Tech Firms Race to Hire Policy Leaders, Triggering Ripple Effects Across Washington
  • Snap’s Web3 Team Apparent Victim of 20% Downsize
  • Any Ethereum Forks ‘Won’t Be Supported’, Says NFT Market OpenSea Ahead of Merge
  • Binance Under Investigation Over Bank Secrecy Act: Report
  • Jeremy Fall’s Probably Nothing Hosted a “Meetup on Steroids” for Supporters and NFT Holders at the Iconic Canter’s Deli on Fairfax
  • Indonesia to Establish 'Crypto Stock' Exchange by 2022-End: Report
  • Ethereum Mining Pool Ethermine Launches Staking Service Ahead of Merge
  • Ethereum Name Service Touts Third-Highest Monthly Revenue as Merge Approaches
  • Suit: Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy Owe $100M+ of Damages From Back DC Taxes
  • Coinbase Mispricing Allows Users in Georgia to Cash Out for 100 Times Rate
  • Helium Proposes Shifting its Entire Network to Solana Blockchain Months After $200M Raise
  • Nifty Gateway Wants NFT Curators to Sell Art with ‘Publishers’ Pilot
  • Eminem, Snoop Dogg Bored Apes at VMAs Get Jeers From NFT Critics

More News This Week

  • Morgan Stanley Says Stablecoin Market Cap Is Contracting Again
  • The FBI's Newest Podcast Subject? The Crypto Queen on the Run
  • Bitcoin Mining Execs Make Serious Bank Versus Other Industries
  • Stablecoin Issuer Tether Dismisses Wall Street Journal's Claim of Inadequate Reserves
  • Crypto Lender Nexo Allocates Additional $50M for Token Buyback Initiative
  • Coinbase Institute Link
  • From rat poison to Beanie Babies, these celebs got bitcoin all wrong
  • Monero Mining Malware Finds Success at Top of Google Search
  • Crypto Crackdown Means Mounting Headaches for Venture Firms
  • From Silk Road to NFTs: Why Musician and Artist Tycho Sees Web3 as the ‘Endgame’
  • The Sheriff of Cryptoville Draws His Pistol
  • Grayscale, Disclosing SEC Queries, Says Cryptos XLM, ZEC, ZEN May Be Securities
  • Lido Finance Leads DeFi Rally as Ethereum Mounts Recovery
  • Digital Dollar Project Plans to Explore CBDC Technical Solutions With New Sandbox
  • Crypto Lender Celsius Faces Another Group of Customers Who Want Their Money Back
  • The Days of Lucrative Bitcoin Mining at Home are Over
  • MakerDAO Co-Founder Lays Timeline for Free Floating DAI
  • ‘Witcher’ Animator Launches DRKVRS Game, NFTs to Bridge Cyberpunk With Horror
  • The 15 Most Influential Crypto Cities in the World


(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:23) Welcome

(00:00:38) Disclosures

(00:01:03) Metaverse Graphics Priority

(00:02:29) Can't Be Evil NFT Licenses

(00:03:05) Sues After Error

(00:03:25) FBI Asked DeFi Platforms To Increase Security duh

(00:03:38) Crypto Regulations A Comin

(00:04:18) Tech Firms In Race To Hire Policy Leaders

(00:04:33) Web3 Team at Snap Get Clipped

(00:04:41) No Ethereum Forks for OpenSea

(00:04:55) Binance Under Investigation

(00:05:01) LA Tastemaker NFT Event On Fairfax

(00:05:48) Indo Crypto Exchange

(00:05:54) Ethermine Staking

(00:06:04) ENS Service Banking

(00:06:10) Michael Saylor Being Sued for Tax Evasion

(00:06:24) Coinbase Mispricing

(00:06:34) Helium Considering Switch to Solana

(00:06:45) NFT Discovery Engines

(00:07:14) Tough Love for Snoop and Eminem 

(00:07:51) In Closing

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