Minecraft Critterz NFT Play-to-Earn Clipped, Luna Surge, The Merge Update +more

Minecraft Critterz NFT Play-to-Earn Clipped, Luna Surge, The Merge Update +more

Data is a funny thing. Too much of it, how do you make sense of it? Too little, how do you create projections?

Data did not tell Disney Black Panther would be a success in pre-production, but the movie clearly was.

As we move forward in crypto, more data is being accumulated, and how we innovate is as important as how create accountability with the data.

Week 36, Year 2022, Episode 26.  

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Ethereum’s ‘Bellatrix’ Upgrade Goes Live
  • How Ethereum Miners Plan to Pivot After the Merge
  • White House: Bitcoin Mining Must Be Greener—Or US Should Ban It
  • Why Did Luna Classic’s Price Surge in the Past Week?
  • Coinbase Backs Tornado Cash Lawsuit Against U.S. Treasury
  • They built a Minecraft crypto empire. Then it all came crashing down
  • Late Queen Elizabeth II Sparks Influx of Meme Coins and NFTs
  • SEC Chair Gary Gensler Backs Giving CFTC Bitcoin Oversight
  • Crypto Doesn't Need More Guidance, SEC Chair Gensler Says
  • Fed Vice Chair Brainard Calls for Crypto-Specific Regulations, Notes Stablecoin Risks
  • Bitcoin Reclaims Key $20,000 Mark Amid Crypto Market Rebound
  • Crypto Investor FTX Ventures to Take 30% Stake in SkyBridge Capital
  • Artists Say NFT Markets Betray Web3 by Nixing Royalty Payments
  • Web3 Watch: GameStop Partners with FTX and Sorare Creates NBA Fantasy Game
  • Dan Held on Decrypt Podcast Episode 18
  • Bitcoiner Dan Held: Ethereum Merge Will 'Add Pressure to Bitcoin's Energy Consumption'

More News This Week

  • ‘I’m Not Going to Wade Into That One’: Nasdaq’s CEO on the Downturn, Crypto and ‘Super Apps’
  • Bitcoin Mining Pool Poolin Halts Withdrawals Amid Liquidity Crunch
  • Binance To Rename All Stablecoin Holdings to BUSD
  • Crypto Exchange KuCoin Highlights Flaws in DeFi Platform Acala's Post-Exploit Proposal
  • Dreams of Forked Ether Have DeFi Dapps Preparing for Nightmare Scenarios
  • NFT Marketplace OnePlanet Leaves Terra’s Orbit for Polygon
  • Web3 Startup SpiceAI Cooks Up $13.5M Raise To Make Data More Accessible
  • ‘I Can’t Pay a Stupid Price Anymore’: Bessemer’s Levine on New $4 Billion Fund, ‘Stalemate’ With Founders, Crypto Bets
  • DeFi Project Lido Finance Rose 20% Last Week Ahead of Ethereum Merge
  • Coinbase’s Stablecoin Proposal Expected to Earn MakerDAO $24M Annually
  • Hubble, Creator of ‘Censorship Resistant’ Stablecoin USDH, Raises $5 Million
  • Tens of thousands of viewers watched a fake Apple crypto scam on YouTube
  • 40 State Regulators are Opening Celsius’ Books in Search of Fraud
  • Layer 1 Blockchain Sui Raises $300M At $2B Valuation
  • How Ethereum’s monetary policy will change after The Merge


(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:23) Welcome to Crypto Vibes

(00:01:19) Not enough of the right data

(00:02:29) Ethereum Bellatrix and mining future

(00:03:19) Regulation news

(00:04:31) Luna price surge

(00:04:52) Coinbase backs Tornado Cash's lawsuit against Treasury

(00:05:10) Minecraft Critterz play to earn shutdown

(00:05:52) Queen Elizabeth passing sparks meme coins and NFTs

(00:05:59) SEC Gary Gensler in the news some more

(00:06:37) Crypto bump

(00:06:48) FTX plus Skybridge

(00:07:01) NFT royalties optional?

(00:07:46) GameStop partnering with FTX

(00:07:51) Dan Held on gm podcast

(00:08:05) In closing

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