Netflix Gaming, CFTC After DAO, Digital Assets Continue To Grow +more

Netflix Gaming, CFTC After DAO, Digital Assets Continue To Grow +more

There is something brewing right now with the CFTC and DAOs. It will be interesting to see what happens with DAOs and how they are interpreted by regulators.

Week 39, Year 2022, Episode 29.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • CFTC Imposes $250,000 Penalty Against bZeroX, LLC and Its Founders and Charges Successor Ooki DAO for Offering Illegal, Off-Exchange Digital-Asset Trading, Registration Violations, and Failing to Comply with Bank Secrecy Act
  • Ooki DAO members explore options in response to CFTC lawsuit
  • FTX US Wins Bankruptcy Auction for Voyager Assets
  • Celsius Chief Pressured by Creditors as FTX Eyes Assets
  • Netflix’s new video game studio is a potentially bold—and risky—swing
  • OpenSea NFT Marketplace Adds Support for Optimism
  • Christie’s Goes Fully On-Chain With New Ethereum NFT Marketplace
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks Among This Week’s Recording-breaking NFT Sales
  • Someone Borrowed $1.3M in Ethereum Using Mutant Ape NFTs as Collateral
  • Disney Pushes Further Into Crypto, DeFi, NFTs With Recent Job Post
  • Stablecoin Markets Shift as Binance Begins USDC Conversions
  • USDC Is Coming to Cosmos in 2023
  • Circle Expands USDC Stablecoin Support to Five New Blockchains
  • Robinhood Beta Tests New Web3 Wallet With Polygon as First Blockchain
  • Central Banks of Israel, Norway and Sweden Team Up to Explore Retail CBDC
  • Interpol Slaps Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon With Red Notice: Report
  • Jack Dorsey’s TBD Teams Up With Circle to Take US Dollar Stablecoin Savings and Remittances Global
  • Crypto Advocates Cheer California Governor’s Veto of Regulatory Bill
  • CEO of Bankrupt Crypto Firm Celsius Steps Down
  • Latest in Crypto Hiring: Napster Names CEO to Lead Web3 Journey
  • FTX US President Brett Harrison Resigns
  • Web3 Watch: Disney and Walmart Target Young Audiences in the Metaverse
  • Build-A-Bear enters web3 with Swarovski crystal-encrusted toy

More News This Week

  • File-Sharing Crypto Project Filecoin Reports Strong Fundamental Growth Ahead of FVM Launch
  • Apple Allows NFT Sales On Its App Store — But There’s a Catch
  • More Than 80% of Ethereum Miners Pull the Plug After Merge
  • What You Can Do With Your Old Ethereum Mining Rigs
  • The Metaverse Money Pit: How Meta’s $70 Billion Bet Compares to Tech’s Biggest Gambles
  • Is Peter Thiel’s Pro-Dropout Fellowship Mostly an Advertisement for Himself?
  • The Problem with Crypto Market Caps
  • ETHW Surges as Binance Launches Ethereum Proof-of-Work Mining Pool
  • Bernstein Says Polygon Blockchain Is Bringing Crypto to Consumers
  • Elon Musk Was Mulling Creating a Blockchain-Based Social Media Firm Before Offering to Buy Twitter
  • Thoma Bravo takes a break from new crypto investments, laying out ethical concerns
  • Is Ethereum Censorship a Concern Post-Merge?
  • Uniswap Labs Eyes $200M in Fresh Funding: Report
  • ERC-20R and ERC-721R are the potential new token standards for reversible transactions on Ethereum. Given the culture of crypto, this standard has been fairly controversial in the community.


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:21) Show intro

(00:00:49) Disclosures 

(00:01:02) CFTC going after DAOs

(00:01:49) FTX wins auction of Voyager assets

(00:02:16) Celsius chief pressured by creditors

(00:02:29) Netflix gaming division

(00:03:22) NFT updates

(00:04:29) Disney making web3 and NFT moves

(00:04:44) Binance conversion of USDC

(00:04:50) USDC coming to Cosmos

(00:04:56) Circle expands USDC

(00:05:02) Robinhood web3 wallet with Polygon

(00:05:22) Retail CBDC

(00:05:39) Do Kwon Interpol, not the band

(00:05:44) TBD Teams up with Circle

(00:06:00) California veto crypto bill

(00:06:39) Hiring and stepping down news

(00:06:57) Walmart in the metaverse

(00:07:24) Build a Bear going NFT

(00:08:02) In closing

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