OpenAI VC, California DMV Testing Blockchain, Super Bowl Crypto Ads?  +more

OpenAI VC, California DMV Testing Blockchain, Super Bowl Crypto Ads? +more

AI is experiencing a substantial amount of interest, especially from investors. There is even companies receiving millions of dollars and they do not have a company name yet.

We love the potential but it seems like the innovation chaos that happens time after time working in tech, will repeat itself. We just hope it doesn't leave as many scars as other scenarios.

This and more in this week's recap of news.

Week 05, Year 2023, Episode 43.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • OpenAI Dangles Perks and Early Access to Win Investments in AI Startups
  • Meta’s Twitch Competitor Cuts Contracts With Gaming Creators
  • Meta Insiders Debate Key Issue for Reels: Whether to Share Ad Dollars With Creators
  • California Pilots Blockchain Car Title Management System on Tezos Fork
  • Who’s Coughing Up Crypto Winter Dollars for Super Bowl Ads?
  • Judge Dismisses Proposed Class-Action Lawsuit Alleging Coinbase Sold Unregistered Securities
  • Premier League Embraces NFTs for Fantasy League in $150M Deal
  • Battle of the Bankrupts as FTX Demands $446M From Voyager Digital
  • Two Backers of Sam Bankman-Fried's Bail to Be Named
  • Bankrupt Crypto Exchange FTX Had Around $1.4B Cash at End of 2022
  • Where startups are cutting spending, in 3 charts
  • TikTok’s latest trouble: YouTube is opening its cash coffers to lure short-form video creators
  • Amazon Looking to Hire Web3 Staff for Its Cloud Services

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