Perceived Value Can Create Value, Fed Clarity, YouTuber Drama  +more

Perceived Value Can Create Value, Fed Clarity, YouTuber Drama +more

If NFTs are M&Ms, they can melt in the market and not just in your mouth.

M&Ms creating Bored Ape Yacht Club branded candies makes sense, but it's the inflection point that makes you question how perceived value becomes real value. For instance, the Banksy piece that was shredded at auction is now worth more than before being shredded because it is perceived as “performance art”????

Humans are funny creatures and these examples defy logic and reward the hype, but then again humans also came up with a system that created crippling inflation.

Week 34, Year 2022, Episode 24.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Cryptos, Equities Slide as Traders Unpack Powell’s Jackson Hole Remarks
  • Bitcoin's Pre-Jackson Hole Decline Leaves Room for 'Buy the Fact' Bounce
  • Microsoft’s Xbox Head Is Unsure about Pay-to-Earn Crypto Games
  • These Bored Apes Will Melt in Your Mouth: M&M’s Releases NFT-Inspired Candy A licensing deal between Mars and music label UMG means Bored Ape NFT images are now printed on M&M’s chocolate candies.
  • Why Warren and Sanders Object to Crypto Rules
  • Canadian Crypto Marketplace WonderFi Files for Nasdaq Listing
  • Crypto ATM Operator Bitcoin Depot to List on Nasdaq in $885M SPAC Deal
  • How Ethereum NFT Lending Service BendDAO Aims to Solve Its Liquidity Crisis
  • Ex-OpenSea Exec Argues NFTs Are Not Securities to Dismiss Insider Trading Charges
  • YouTuber vs. YouTuber: BitBoy Crypto Sues Atozy for Defamation
  • Who is BitBoy Crypto and why does everybody hate him?
  • Crypto YouTuber ‘BitBoy’ Drops Defamation Suit After Public Outcry
  • The Ethereum Merge Has an Official Kick-Off Date
  • Why Reddit is still betting on the blockchain
  • The SEC v. LBRY: How a New Hampshire Court Battle Could Rewrite the Rules of Crypto
  • What a Rising Dollar Means for Global Stablecoin Adoption
  • Coinbase Hit With $5M Lawsuit Over Exchange Crashes, Alleged Securities Violations
  • Coinbase CEO Says Exchange Is Cutting Costs, Focusing on Subscriptions
  • Coinbase Has a Serious Insider Trading Problem, Study Claims
  • Coinbase Announces cbETH Wrapped Ethereum Staking Token
  • Gensler’s Invite For Crypto Firms to Meet with SEC ‘Rings Hollow,’ Execs Say
  • Alleged Tornado Developer Pertsev Must Stay In Jail, Dutch Judge Rules
  • Wife of Arrested Tornado Cash Developer Denies Russia Secret Service Links
  • Reddit Starts Airdrop of Polygon-Based 'Collectible Avatars'
  • Find an Ethereum Bug Before the Merge? You Could Earn a $1M Reward

More News This Week

  • Metaverse, NFT Tokens Have Plummeted More Than 20% This Week
  • Tron Consumes 99.9% Less Power Than Bitcoin and Ethereum, Crypto Researcher Says
  • Ethereum Proof-of-Work Forks: Gift or Grift?
  • It’s Time to Leave Failed Crypto Companies Behind
  • Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Sues Prime Trust Over $17M in Tokens
  • Hackers Lose 5 Ether While Trying to Attack Near Protocol’s Rainbow Bridge
  • Uniswap Community Behind DEX Establishes Foundation to Support Open-Source Development
  • Ex-FanDuel Execs Bet Crypto Can Disrupt Sports Gambling
  • Crypto Prime Brokerage Enlists Former Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Exec
  • Despite US Sanctions, Tether Continues To Support Tornado Cash: Report
  • Professor Republishes Tornado Cash Code Following GitHub Takedown
  • Crypto’s massive marketing efforts have drawn few new investors
  • Crypto Seeks Freedom in the UAE — is it a Regulatory Rug-Pull?
  • Web3 Startup Comm Raises $5M in Bid to Compete With Discord
  • What Could Happen to the Ether Price Following The Merge?
  • Thai Energy Billionaire Turns to Crypto to Boost Growth: Report
  • Japan Looks at Corporate Crypto Tax Breaks to Entice Startups: Report
  • The Peculiar Challenges of Crypto Regulation
  • The Crypto World Can’t Wait for ‘the Merge
  • Three Arrows Capital Co-Founder Calls Crypto Hedge Fund's Liquidators Inaccurate, Misleading: Report
  • Binance, FTX Among Crypto Players in Hunt to Buy Voyager Digital Assets as Coinbase Backs Out: Sources
  • Polygon Founder Raises $50M For Web3 Fund
  • Ethereum Merge Countdown at T-20 Days


(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:23) Introduction

(00:00:45) Disclosures

(00:00:56) Show Info

(00:01:21) M&M BAYC Thought

(00:02:07) Fed Doesn't Say Much and Markets Go Down

(00:02:57) Microsoft Unsure about Play to Earn

(00:03:10) Warren, Sanders, Crypto

(00:03:27) New NASDAQ Listings

(00:03:41) NFT Lending Liquidity Problem, Solution?

(00:04:20) Ex-OpenSea Executive Argue to Be Dismissed

(00:04:49) BitBoy Drama for Yo Mama

(00:05:20) Ethereum Merge Kick-Off 

(00:05:41) Reddit Betting On Blockchain

(00:06:42) SEC Vs. LBRY

(00:06:55) Rising Dollar Means For Stablecoin

(00:07:06) Coinbase Always In The News

(00:08:30) Rings Hollow

(00:08:40) Tornado Cash Updates

(00:08:57) Reddit Airdrops

(00:09:07) Ethereum Bug 1 Million Bounty

(00:09:20) In Closing

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