11 Charged By SEC, BlackRock + Coinbase, Solana Hack, Securities commodities +more

11 Charged By SEC, BlackRock + Coinbase, Solana Hack, Securities commodities +more

Prosecutions, collaborations, and definitions are the headlines for this weeks Crypto Vibes.

Week 31, Year 2022, Episode 21.

News Mentioned In Episode

SEC Charges Eleven Individuals in $300 Million Crypto Pyramid Scheme Press Release

BlackRock to Offer Crypto for Institutional Investors Through Coinbase Prime

Bankrupt Crypto Broker Voyager Digital Approved to Return $270 million to Clients

Justin Sun Backs Ethereum Hard Fork as Merge Approaches

Meta Confirms NFT Rollout Across 100 Countries Amid Coinbase Integration

Master of Anons: How a Crypto Developer Faked a DeFi Ecosystem

Venture Arm of SCB Bank Taps New CEO to Lead Crypto Investments

Blockchain Startup Hopes to Disrupt Short-term Rental Market

Binance and Mastercard To Bring Streamlined Crypto Payments to Argentina

Voyager CEO Dumped $31M Stock as Shares Hit Record Highs: CNBC

Ex-Coinbase Employee Accused of Insider Trading Pleads Not Guilty

Coinbase Asks US Supreme Court to Halt Lawsuits Connected to Scams and Dogecoin: Report

UK Parliamentary Group Starts Crypto Inquiry to Form Policy Recommendations

Gaming Claimed Record 60% of Blockchain Activity in July: DappRadar

Web3 Watch: Muse To Release NFT Album, Lens Protocol Talks NFTs

More News From The Week

PwC Crypto Head Departs to Set Up $75M Digital Asset Fund in Dubai: Report

Miner Tomorrow Crypto Looks to Go Public Through SPAC Merger

How Solana Vigilantes Battled Back Against the Wallet Hacker

PoW Die-Hards Plan to Fork and Mine Their Own Ethereum Chains After The Merge

It’s a strange time for Japan to okay crypto ATMs but it has anyway

Tinder Owner Ghosts Metaverse and In-App Currencies

Crypto booster Michelle Bond is running for Congress — with help from her FTX exec boyfriend

Binance Taps Co-Founder Yi He to Head $7.5B Venture Arm

Robinhood CEO Shuts Down FTX M&A Chatter, Says He Has Money to Do His Own Deals

ZB Exchange Loses Nearly $5M in Suspected Hack, Pauses Withdrawals

MicroStrategy Reports $917M Bitcoin Impairment Charge as Saylor Steps Aside

Bitcoin Fanatic Michael Saylor Steps Down as MicroStrategy CEO

Solana, USDC Drained From Wallets in Attack

Bank of America Says Blockchains Have Intrinsic Value, Citing Transaction Fees

How close is Cardano to displacing Ethereum as altcoin king?

How Crypto and Esports Are Fueling Each Other’s Growth

Broker Robinhood Slashing Nearly One-Quarter of Workforce

The Metaverse Real Estate Boom Turns Into a Bust

Regulators Ring-up Robinhood for $30M Fine

Clues but No Clarity in Mysterious Solana Wallet Hack

Bitcoin, Ether To Be Regulated as Commodities by CFTC, per New Senate Bill

Stablecoins Will Only Have Value on PoS Ethereum Post-Merge

BTC-e Operator Alexander Vinnik Has Been Extradited to the US

Almost 7% of People in Spain Have Invested in Crypto, Regulator Says

Meta's NFT Outreach Powers 38% Rally in FLOW Token


(00:00:00) Intro song

(00:00:29) Introduction

(00:00:41) Disclosures

(00:01:12) SEC Charges 11 with 300 Million Pyramid Scheme

(00:01:49) BlackRock To Offer Crypto Investments Through Coinbase Prime

(00:02:21) Ex-Coinbase Charged With Insider Trading Pleads Not Guilty

(00:02:48) CFTC Saying Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Securities and Commodities

(00:03:15) UK To Form Crypto Policy Group

(00:03:26) Michael Saylor Steps Down As CEO

(00:03:44) Solana Hack

(00:04:04) Robinhood Hit With 30 Million Fine

(00:04:19) Survey Spain Crypto Use

(00:04:28) Ethereum Hard Fork Momentum

(00:04:44) Meta NFT Rollout With Coinbase Integration

(00:04:59) Blockchain Startup For Short Term Rentals

(00:05:30) Binance and MasterCard

(00:05:42) Gaming Blockchain Stats

(00:05:51) Tinder Shys Away From Metaverse For Now

(00:06:30) Bank of America Two Cents

(00:06:56) Crypto and eSports

(00:07:05) The Muse NFTAlbum Release

(00:07:31) In Closing

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