Selling The News, Apple Store NFT Issues, Regulation Updates +more

Selling The News, Apple Store NFT Issues, Regulation Updates +more

"Sell The News" has been a big theme this past week as it relates to the Ethereum Merge.

While the affects will take time, this weeks news has been just as chaotic with Fed Rate hikes and the potential, in our opinion, that Apple could very well play a role in the landscape of how web3 changes the dominance of Apple's app store.

Week 38, Year 2022, Episode 28.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Coinbase Cloud launches platform for web3 developers
  • How Apple’s App Store Policies Squeeze NFT Startups
  • Latest Draft of US Crypto Law Would Temporarily Ban Terra-Like Stablecoins
  • Congress Presses State Department for Info on Costs, Benefits of Crypto
  • White House Releases ‘Comprehensive Framework’ for Crypto Regulation and Development
  • US Digital Currency a ‘Unanimous Need’ to Compete With China: House Committee
  • US Treasury Wants Public to Comment on Crypto’s Role in Illicit Finance
  • Cryptos, Stocks Rally as Fed Raises Rates by 0.75% for Third Straight Month
  • Senator Toomey Challenges Gensler’s View That Nearly 'All Crypto Tokens Are Securities'
  • SEC Claims All of Ethereum Falls Under US Jurisdiction
  • Nasdaq Moves into Crypto with Custodying Services
  • Coinbase Tweet on H-bar
  • FluxLabs has partnered with @NeoxaNet They are currently compiling test images to bring Proof of Game functionality to servers hosted on our decentralized #Web3 infrastructure.
  • Binance’s CZ Believes in a Decentralized Future
  • Kraken CEO Jesse Powell Steps Down
  • Nova Labs Inks Agreement With T-Mobile to Cover 5G Dead Spots in Helium Network
  • Will New Lending Pool for Crypto Miners Attract Borrowers?
  • FTX Wants Another $1B to Buy More Crypto Companies: Report
  • Spotify Starts Selling Audiobooks in U.S., With Catalog of 300,000-Plus Titles

More News This Week

  • Push to Cut Ethereum Network Fees Opens Funds-Draining Bug in Scaling Tool Arbitrum
  • Are Companies … Aside From MicroStrategy … Still Buying Bitcoin?
  • DeFi Trader Nets Over $500K by Using DEX GMX to Manipulate Avalanche Token
  • Bitcoin Dips as Fed Again Raises Interest Rates to Combat Inflation
  • Binance CEO: Bitcoin Bear Market Is 'Healthy' for Crypto Industry Long Term
  • Former US Senator Will Chair New Binance Global Advisory Board
  • Coinbase Refutes Claims It Tested Proprietary Trading
  • How BlockFi Went From Tech Unicorn to Crypto Burnout
  • ‘What Am I Going to Do Now?’: Fired Crypto Workers Weigh Life After the Boom
  • Cardano Blockchain Moves Forward With Vasil Upgrade
  • Harmony Publishes Revamped Horizon Bridge Recovery Plan
  • Ethereum Token Issuance Plummets 95% Following Merge
  • Metaverse Infrastructure Firm Hadean Raises $30M From Fortnite Developer, Others
  • Binance Hired Compliance SVP From Rival Crypto Exchange Kraken
  • Keith Rabois’ OpenStore bags new funding as valuation soars to $970M
  • Coinbase Tested Group to Speculate on Crypto


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:00) Show intro

(00:00:40) Disclosures

(00:01:31) Apple Marketplace with NFT Issues

(00:03:02) Coinbase launches platform for web3 developers

(00:03:53) Regulation updates and chatter, there are quite a few

(00:05:21) Crypto up after 0.75 fed rate hike, for the time being

(00:05:28) All crypto are securities?

(00:05:34) Ethereum falls under US jurisdiction

(00:06:34) NASDAQ crypto custody service

(00:06:42) Coinbase adds HBAR

(00:06:52) Flux and Neoxa

(00:07:11) Binance CEO believes in a decentralized future 

(00:07:27) Kraken CEO steps down

(00:07:33) Nova Labs deal with T-Mobile and Helium

(00:07:52) Crypto mining lenders with high rates

(00:08:19) FTX needs more budget to acquire

(00:08:59) Spotify adds audiobooks

(00:09:22) In closing

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