Stablecoin Bill Delay, SEC Probe Coinbase, What Crypto Winter? +more

Stablecoin Bill Delay, SEC Probe Coinbase, What Crypto Winter? +more

We are fans of crypto, but there is becoming a running string of delays. The most recent delay is the US Stablecoin Bill delay. Being patient can be hard.

Plenty of news this week.

Week 30, Year 2022, Episode 20.

News Mentioned In Episode

US Stablecoin Bill Delayed, but Draft Language May Soon Emerge

US Stablecoin Bill Delayed by Congressional Committee Until After August

US Senators Push Bill to Make Small Crypto Transactions Tax-Free

SEC Launches Probe into Coinbase Over Alleged Securities Listing: Report

Kraken, a U.S. Crypto Exchange, Is Suspected of Violating Sanctions

Barclays Joins List of Investors Backing Crypto Custodian Copper: Report

Sequoia Capital to Open New York Office, First U.S. Outpost Outside Silicon Valley

California Overturns Ban on Political Crypto Donations

Voyager Lawyers Clash With Bankman-Fried Over ‘Low Ball’ Buyout Offer'

Class-Action Suit Accuses TerraForm Labs of Deceiving Investors

Harmony Proposes Issuing ONE Tokens to Reimburse Victims of $100M Hack

What winter? Crypto VCs continue their spending spree

If you really want to know what #Bitcoin is, what #blockchain  is, and why #decentralized  vs #centralized  #finance , then watch till the end. Speaker is Peter Van Valkenburg - Director of research at Coin Center

Jim Cramer Tweets Contradictory

Facebook Parent Meta Loses $2.8B on Metaverse Division in Q2

Crypto project Solana is opening a store in NYC. Take a look inside

More News From The Week

El Salvador's Finance Minister Says Bitcoin Adoption is 'Gaining Ground': Report

Tether Finds Stable Dollar Peg After Terra's Collapse

Unstoppable Domains Hits Unicorn Status With $65M Series A

Yuga Labs Faces Potential Class Action Lawsuit Over ‘Inflated’ BAYC NFTs

Binance CEO Sues Bloomberg's Hong Kong Publisher for Defamation

Bitcoin Mining Stocks Face Market Reckoning Amid Widespread Selloff

Is Solana Leading Crypto Into Retail or Trailing Apple?

Mark Cuban: SEC Regulating Crypto Will Be a ‘Nightmare

Cathie Wood's Ark Invest Offloads Over 1.4M Coinbase Shares as COIN Price Falls

Helium: The Network of Networks

Crypto Firms Reckon With Risk Following Collapse

Web3 Watch: What are Semi-Fungible Tokens and Why is Coinbase Making a Movie?

Shopify Says It Will Lay Off 10% of Workers, Sending Shares Lower

Titanium Blockchain CEO Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud

Zipmex Files for Bankruptcy Protection in Singapore

Lender Babel Finance Lost $280M Trading Customer Funds: Report

Ethereum’s Rollup Race: What is a ‘True’ zkEVM?

Ethereum Classic Jumps Double Digits After Antpool Adds $10M Backing

The Merge Draws Ever Closer as Ethereum Passes Another Critical Test

Clearpool Scales Uncollateralized Lending Marketplace to Polygon

US Tech Bill Creates White House Blockchain Adviser Role

Janet Yellen Sees No Recession, Calls US Economy ‘Exceptionally Strong’

Ex-CFTC Chairman Sees Europe’s MiCA Bill as Threat to US Crypto Industry


(00:00:00) Intro song

(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:41) Disclosures

(00:01:29) Stablecoin Bill Delayed

(00:02:05) Bill To Make Small Crypto Transactions Tax Free

(00:02:34) SEC Launches Probe Into Coinbase. Kraken Also Has Some Government Issues 

(00:03:03) Barclays Joins List Of Investors of Copper

(00:03:29) Sequoia Cap NYC

(00:03:49) California Overturns Ban On Political Crypto Donations

(00:04:03) Voyager Not Happy About Bailout Deal

(00:04:39) Terraform Labs Accusations

(00:05:01) Harmony ONE Trying To Make Things Right

(00:05:29) Op-Ed What Crypto Winter?

(00:06:01) TikTok Video BTCExplained Amazingly

(00:06:17) Jim Cramer Twitter Contradiction

(00:06:55) Meta Losses 2.8 Billion On Metaverse Efforts in Q2

(00:07:36) Solana Brick-n-Mortar

(00:08:00) In Closing

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