Tornado Cash Bash, Mailchimp Bans Crypto, Huobi Hustle, Lambo NFTs +more

Tornado Cash Bash, Mailchimp Bans Crypto, Huobi Hustle, Lambo NFTs +more

A little bad news and a little good news, but none the less a whole lotta news this week in crypto and web3.

Week 32, Year 2022, Episode 22.

News Mentioned In Episode

'It Doesn’t Change Anything' Says Tornado Cash After Code Disappears From GitHub

Feds Blacklist Tornado Cash, Ban Ethereum Mixing Tool in US

Ethereum Cofounder Says He Used Now-Blacklisted Tornado Cash to Donate to Ukraine

Tornado Cash User 'Dusts' Hundreds of Public Wallets—Including Celebs Jimmy Fallon, Steve Aoki and Logan Paul

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Notorious Virtual Currency Mixer Tornado Cash Official

Netherlands Arrests Suspected Developer of Sanctioned Crypto-Mixing Service Tornado Cash

MakerDAO Co-founder Plans To ‘Yolo USDC Into ETH’

MakerDAO Founder Calls on DAI to Drop Dollar Peg Amid Tornado Cash Fallout

Huobi co-founder reportedly looks to sell majority stake valued at over $1B

Crypto Moguls Compete for Huobi Majority Stake: Report

Crypto Entrepreneurs Bankman-Fried, Sun in Talks to Buy Majority of Huobi Global Exchange: Report

BlackRock Offers Bitcoin Investing to Big Institutional Clients

Mailchimp Is Banning Crypto Companies Again

Ethereum Merge September 15th

Vitalik Buterin Plays Down Impact of Ethereum Forks After Merge

Ethereum miners behind proposed fork say they’ve dismantled the ‘difficulty bomb’

Wall Street Traders Love The Merge… For Now

Sam Bankman-Fried: Voyager Deal Likely ‘$70M Down the Drain’

US Senators Warren, Sanders Ask Key Bank Regulator to Rescind Crypto Guidance

Reddit is placing their points system on chain

FTX Bringing Crypto Swaps to Reddit

Canada's 2nd Largest Pension Fund Embroiled in Celsius Collapse

Netflix is expanding its push into video games, but few subscribers are playing along

Nick Grudin Exits as Meta Head of Content Partnerships to Join NFT Startup Dapper Labs

SoFi Debuts ETF Focused on NFTs, Blockchain Tech, Metaverse

Web3 Watch: New NFTs from Lamborghini and Ledger, Fox To Air First Blockchain-based Show Website

More News From The Week

The Crypto Fixers: 10 People Working to Shape How the Industry Is Regulated

Polygon-Based Web3 Game Dragoma Supporters Fall Victim to $3.5M Rug Pull: PeckShield Receives South Korean Regulatory Licenses After Buying Local Firms

Crypto-Miner Mawson Says CFO Resigns

Binance CEO Hits Back at 'Weak' KYC Claims

First BitMEX Employee Swaps to Guilty Plea

Nas Academy To Launch Token-gated Web3 Courses

Ankr Moves to Decentralize Node Infrastructure with Staking

Serena Williams’ co-investor shares what comes next for the athlete’s venture firm

Meta doesn’t deserve blame for an abortion-related prosecution—but its messaging on the topic remains muddled

Celsius CEO Cashed in After Bankrupt Crypto Lender's Token Surged

Private Funds Would Have To Disclose Crypto Under SEC, CFTC Proposal

SEC Orders Crypto Startup To Register ICO Tokens or Face $31M Fine

Blackstone Plans to Back Tech Startups in $2 Billion–Plus Lending Push

'Copycats' Stole $88M During Nomad Exploit by Copying Attacker's Code: Coinbase

Coinbase Posts $1 Billion Net Loss in Q2, Stock Tumbles

Crypto Lender Tied to Chinese Rig Giant Throws Miners a Lifeline

Crypto and the US Government Are Headed for a Decisive Showdown

Lawsuit Likens Voyager to Ponzi, Sues Mark Cuban For Promotion

Coinbase Confirms SEC Subpoenas Over Listings, Crypto Staking

Crypto Exchange Hotbit Suspends Trade After Authorities Freeze Funds

Crypto Exchange Binance Recovers $450K Stolen From DeFi Protocol Curve.Finance


(00:00:00) Intro song

(00:00:21) Introduction to Show

(00:01:25) Disclosures

(00:01:40) Share Value

(00:01:47) Tornado Cash Bash

(00:02:56) Huobi Ho-B

(00:03:17) BlackRock Bitcoin Trust

(00:03:27) Mailchimp Bans Crypto Companies

(00:04:11) Ethereum Merge September 15 2022

(00:04:45) Warren and Sanders Ask To Rescind Crypto Guidance

(00:05:34) Reddit Brings Point System Onchain

(00:05:45) Canada Part of Collateral Damage By Celsius

(00:05:54) Netflix Expanding Push in Video Games

(00:06:11) Meta Labs Head of Content Partnerships Goes to DapperLabs

(00:06:20) SoFi ETF with Focus on NFT, Blockchain Tech and Metaverse

(00:06:29) Lambo NFTs

(00:06:38) Rick and Morty Creator Krapopolis

(00:07:05) In Closing

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