Twitter Gets Help From A16Z & Binance, Meta Stock Down, Arweave Coin Up?

Twitter Gets Help From A16Z & Binance, Meta Stock Down, Arweave Coin Up?

The advertisement model needs innovation. While there is a massive budget, there are becoming too many portals with an Ad model revenue that keep cutting up the overall pie.

Meta stock is down, but when Arwevae announced they're working with Meta, their coin goes up in value? Perceived value is funny that way.

More of this type of news in this weeks crypto and web3 news recap.

Week 44, Year 2022, Episode 34.

News Mentioned In Episode

  • Andreessen Horowitz ‘Temporarily’ Helping Elon Musk With Twitter
  • Binance to Help Twitter with Crypto and Blockchain Efforts
  • CZ Would 'Probably' Join Twitter's Board if Elon Musk Asks
  • CZ Suggests Binance Pay as ‘Solution’ for Crypto Payments on Twitter
  • Twitter Reportedly Halts Work on Crypto Wallet, Driving Dogecoin Down 10%
  • Musk Takes New York as Twitter Tries to Calm Advertisers
  • Crypto Investor a16z Wants to Join Ooki DAO Defense Against CFTC
  • MakerDAO co-founder Nikolai Mushegian dies at 29 in Puerto Rico
  • Meta Pins Web3 Hopes on Instagram Creators Minting NFTs
  • What Are Nouns? The Ethereum NFT DAO Building Open-Source IP
  • OpenSea Now Auto-Detects and Blocks Stolen NFTs, Disables Scam Links
  • Coinbase Files to Support Ripple Against SEC Case
  • The Great .Eth Erasure: A Crypto Fad Fades on Twitter
  • Open Metaverse Alliance Says It Won’t Let Meta Define the Future of the Internet
  • Web3 Is ‘Years Away’ from Matching Web2, Says Protocol Labs CEO
  • MetaMask Is Bullish on Web3 Gaming
  • Visa Files Trademark Applications for Crypto Wallets, NFTs and the Metaverse
  • Santander to block UK transfers to crypto exchanges in 2023
  • ‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator’s NFT Collection Sees $14M in Trade Volume Hours After Mint
  • Decentralized Storage System Arweave's Native Token Surges 60% on Meta Integration

More News This Week

  • Agencies are figuring out how to safely guide brands through the wild world of NFTs
  • Bitcoin Mining Reserves Are at a 12-Year Low—Here’s Why
  • Why DAO Treasuries Should Be Put to Work
  • JPMorgan Trade on Public Blockchain ‘Monumental Step’ for DeFi
  • Yuga Labs Is Hiring the ‘Best and Brightest’ to Build the Next Internet, CEO Says
  • Aave Votes to Deploy on Ethereum Layer-2 Solution zkSync
  • Circle Begins Putting Reserves Into New BlackRock Fund


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:23) Show intro

(00:00:55) Disclosures

(00:01:01) Advertising business model

(00:02:16) Meta stock down but Arweave coin goes up?

(00:03:01) A16Z temporarily helping Elon and Twitter

(00:03:13) Binance helping Twitter with Crypto and Blockchain efforts

(00:03:18) CZ op-ed on CoinmarketCap

(00:03:34) CZ suggests Binance Pay for Twitter

(00:04:02) Musk trying to calm advertisers

(00:04:33) A16Z joins defense of Ooki DAO

(00:04:56) MakerDAO founder tragically passes away

(00:05:12) Meta web3 NFT hopes

(00:05:26) Nouns?

(00:06:01) OpenSea auto detection

(00:06:36) Coinbase supports Ripple

(00:06:52) Twitter .eth Fad

(00:07:10) Open Metaverse Alliance on Meta

(00:07:25) web3 years away fro matching web2

(00:07:44) MetaMask bullish on gaming

(00:07:49) Visa files trademarks in crypto plus more

(00:07:57) Santander being a bank

(00:08:32) Rick and Morty Co-Creator NFT drop

(00:09:19) In closing

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