Week 16 Year 22 Crypto News Recap NFT Marketplaces, Mining Headlines, Metaverse Marriages +more

Week 16 Year 22 Crypto News Recap NFT Marketplaces, Mining Headlines, Metaverse Marriages +more

Big headlines for this week, New NFT Marketplaces, A good amount of crypto mining headlines, drama in regulations, security questions, Hollywood endeavors, Metaverse marriages and more with the weekly recap of what’s happened in Crypto news.

Week 16, Year 2022, Episode 06.

News Links Mentioned In The Show

AMC's mobile app lets you buy tickets with crypto now

Meta to take nearly half of sales made by its metaverse creators as fees

France's Crypto Industry Fights Institutional Caution

Canada’s WonderFi Bulks Up Further With Planned $31M Acquisition of Coinberry Crypto Exchange

Jack Dorsey Tweet Thread with Vitalik Buterin

Exploding Kittens’ Animated Series, Mobile Game Coming to Netflix

US Government Sanctions Russian Bitcoin Miner

Ireland Preparing to Ban Bitcoin Donations Over Russia Election Interference Fears

My one-sentence impression of recent quantum supremacy stuff so far is that it is to real quantum computing what hydrogen bombs are to nuclear fusion. Proof that a phenomenon and the capability to extract power from it exist, but still far from directed use toward useful things.

ApeCoin, the crypto token for the ecosystem based around the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, hit a one-month high earlier today. The price surge appears to have been sparked by (unconfirmed) reports that BAYC creator Yuga Labs is preparing to launch land sales for its Otherside metaverse project. It's been a busy month for the Apes, with crypto exchange Coinbase prepping a short animated series based on the characters, and even a BAYC-themed burger joint springing up in California. BAYC has a big week.

Coinbase launches social NFT marketplace in limited beta, just as NFT sales dive

Monero community reaches consensus for July hard fork

Blockchain.com Could Look at an IPO as Early as This Year: Report

UK Crypto Industry Hopes for More Clarity From Planned Stablecoin Rules

Algo Stablecoin Protocol Beanstalk Cut Down by Governance Hijack

North Korean Hackers Responsible for Last Month’s Ronin Theft, FBI Confirms

MetaMask Issues Warning Following $650K iCloud Phishing Scam

Web3 Is Supposed to Be Secure. What About All These Hacks? Op-ed

Solana Stablecoin Project Cashio Plummets to Zero After Multi-Million Dollar Hack

Australia Gets Go-Ahead to List Country’s First Bitcoin ETF Next Week

Mastercard's crypto boss explains why he's not afraid of the blockchain

EU Crypto Firms Protest ‘Alarming’ Anti-Money Laundering Laws

US Citizens Are Moving Abroad to Sidestep Crypto Regulation, Law Firm Says

Washington Governor Signs a Bill to Accelerate In-State Blockchain Adoption

The unauthorized profile of the world’s top crypto investor, Chris Dixon

Latest EU sanctions force Binance to crack down on Russian users

KuCoin NFT marketplace-Windvane and KuCoin Ventures are launching a $100M Creators Fund to Web 3.0 world

Morgan Stanley Says Crypto Could Become More Widely Used as Currency

Australian Regulators Advance Country’s Crypto Rules in Latest Guidance

Latest in Crypto Hiring: Binance Recruits Former Regulators

FTX General Counsel: NFT Copyright Infringement Is Our ‘Biggest Issue’

Stripe to Let Clients Make Payments in USDC Stablecoin via Polygon – Starting With Twitter

‘It Could Destroy Your Life’: Crypto Trading Goes to Rehab

'Alien' Director Ridley Scott to Produce Film About Ethereum's Rise

Uniswap Labs now blocks certain crypto wallets from its app's frontend

New York Man Arrested for Alleged $1.8M Crypto Mining Scam

Ukraine's Central Bank Bans Crypto Purchases in Local Currency

Texas Congressman Endorses Bitcoin Mining for US 'Energy Independence'

ExxonMobil to Pilot Bitcoin Mining Project With Natural Gas

Bitcoin Firm Crusoe Energy Raises $505 Million to Grow Flare-Gas Mining Business

Binance Recovers $5.8M Linked to Axie Infinity Hack

OpenSea Suspends Trading of Sand Vegas Casino Club NFTs

Why an ad-supported tier on Netflix was inevitable

Marriage moves to the metaverse

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