Week 18 Year 22 Crypto News Recap Otherside Ups & Downs, Wiki No Crypto, Markets, Gucci +more

Week 18 Year 22 Crypto News Recap Otherside Ups & Downs, Wiki No Crypto, Markets, Gucci +more

Big headlines for this week, Otherside Ups & Downs, Wiki No Crypto, Market Updates, Crypto Gucci and more with the weekly recap of what’s happened in Crypto news.

Week 18, Year 2022, Episode 08.

News Links Mentioned In The Show

After Eight Years, Wikipedia Stops Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum Donations

Yuga Labs Sees $561 Million in Otherside Ethereum NFT Sales Within 24 Hours

BAYC Team Raises $285M With Otherside NFTs, Clogs Ethereum

NFT Sales Are Flatlining WSJ

List of Elon Twitter Backers - The list of investors is a charcuterie board of the finance world.

Decrypt Spins Out From ConsenSys Mesh, Raises $10M at $50M Valuation

LGT, World’s Largest Family-Owned Private Bank, to Offer Crypto

El Salvador Debt Risk Looms as Bitcoin Bond Has Yet to Launch

Solana Pay Adds Customized Transaction Requests for Merchants

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Underperform Broader Crypto Market Despite Fundamental Growth

DraftKings Continues NFT Push With Metabilia Partnership

Dubai’s Crypto Regulator Buys Land in the Metaverse for Headquarters

Hester Peirce Knocks SEC’s Plans to Add to Crypto Enforcement Staff

Argentina’s Biggest Private Bank Adds Crypto Trading

Gary Gensler has become crypto’s Enemy No. 1. Does he care?

Andreessen Horowitz Commits $500M for Indian Startups: Report

Luxury fitness club Equinox starts accepting crypto payments in New York City

Beeple: Next Era of NFTs Will Focus on 'Emotional Connection and Utility'

California Unveils Crypto Executive Order as Competition for US Crypto Capital Builds

Fed Approves Half-point Interest Rate Hike, Crypto Trades Like Big Tech

Juno’s DAO Votes To Confiscate $35M in Tokens From Whale in Messy Dispute

Typo Moves $36M in Seized JUNO Tokens to Wrong Wallet

Uzbekistan Wants Bitcoin Miners To Go Solar, Pay No Income Tax

Ape-themed airdrop phishing scams are on the rise, experts warn


Cannes Film Festival Dives in the Fortnite Metaverse with Brut; Promo Teaser Unveiled (EXCLUSIVE)

What Are Moonbirds? These Ethereum Owl NFTs Are Soaring Kevin Rose’s collection of 10,000 pixel owls has quickly become one of the most valuable NFT collections around.

Tesla ‘Believes in the Potential of Digital Assets,’ SEC Filing Reveals

Hacked Crypto Platform Offers ‘No Questions Asked’ $10M Bounty for Stolen Funds

India Includes Crypto Businesses in New Rules for Cyber Security

Crypto.com Slashes Card Rewards, CRO Drops 11% as Community Reacts

VCs predict dark days ahead for the private markets Op-ed

The NY Mining Moratorium’s Odds Just Got a Lot Worse

9 Out of 10 Central Banks Exploring Digital Currency, BIS Says

DeFi Tokens Are April's Biggest Losers as Revenues Fall; Memecoins Outperform

In Estonia, the Party’s Over for 'Hippie' Crypto Firms

Gucci to Accept Crypto in Some US Retail Stores: Report

Ice Cube: Crypto and NFTs Are ‘The Ultimate Fuck You to the Mainstream’

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