Week 21 Year 22 Crypto News GameStop Wallet, Terra Comeback, VCs, +more

Week 21 Year 22 Crypto News GameStop Wallet, Terra Comeback, VCs, +more

How can a market be experiencing such a crash in the midst of so much heavy adoption? GameStop launched a Wallet, VC's have raised billions to fund crypto and web3 companies, Coinbase is on the Fortune 500 list, and so much more with the weekly recap of what’s happened in Crypto news.

Week 21, Year 2022, Episode 11.

Crypto Vibes Podcast by Fort Brox is a weekly podcast recapping the news in the world of crypto.

News Links Mentioned In The Show

GameStop Wallet for Your Browser & iPhone

Who is the real Do Kwon? The 30-year-old founder became a crypto sensation, then his stablecoin crashed and burned destroying billions

Terra Devs Need a Home. Other Blockchains Are Courting Them

Why Are People Burning Their LUNA?

New Terra Blockchain Launch Expected Saturday, With LUNA Airdrop to Follow

Latest in Crypto Hiring: Binance.US Doubles Down on Compliance

Binance Gains Regulatory Approval in Italy

Binance To Tighten KYC and Sanctions Screening To Address Exchange’s ‘Risk’

Ether Accounts for Almost Half of $520M Liquidations Amid Weak On-Chain Data

Vitalik Buterin Two thought experiments to evaluate automated stablecoins:

Ethereum Beacon Chain Suffers Longest Blockchain 'Reorg' in Years

What Are Ethereum Rollups? A Scaling Solution to Cut Transaction Costs

Africa land acquisitions in BTC

These groups want to collect your data in exchange for crypto

‘The Worst-Case Scenario Is That I Look Like an Idiot’: Aaron Levie Still Refuses to Swallow the Crypto Red Pill

Coinbase Enters Fortune 500 List of Biggest US Companies

Coffeezilla, the YouTuber Exposing Crypto Scams

Ethereum Name Service Hits All-Time High in Monthly Revenue—And May’s Not Over

The Solana network has experienced two major outages over the past 9 months. In this thread we take a look at the solutions set to be introduced.

Crypto Crash Unlikely to Hurt US Economy: Goldman Sachs

European Central Bank Chief: Crypto Assets ‘Worth Nothing

Introducing Seaport Protocol

French Banking Giant BNP Paribas Joins JPMorgan’s Onyx Blockchain

Income Impacts How Consumers Use Crypto, Fed Report Says

eBay Launches ‘Genesis’ NFT Collection Amid Declining Market Interest

Japanese Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Trust to Establish Digital Asset Custodian: Report

Web 3 Education Platform Pitches ‘Earn While You Learn’ to Business Executives

Crypto 'Has to Become Invisible' to Reach Mainstream: Mastercard Exec

NFL Taps Mythical Games for First Play-to-Earn Venture

How Influencers Hype Crypto Article on The New York Times

Former OnlyFans execs set to launch influencer NFT trading card app

Lack of knowledge about bitcoin is the biggest barrier to usage, finds new study by Block, Inc.

Tether Enters Latin America With Mexican Peso-Pegged Stablecoin

Portuguese Parliament Holds Off Taxing Crypto Gains for Individuals

Senators Draft Bill to Ban Use of Digital Yuan in US-Based Mobile Apps

Why Emerging Markets Are Leading the Charge on CBDCs

MetaMask Moves To Help Crypto Scam Victims Recover Stolen Digital Assets

3 top VCs on how they value crypto startups in a tumultuous market

Crypto Fund 4 = $4.5 Billion A16Z

Adapting to Endure Sequoia Capital

ElonGoat Token Founders on Fox Business Interview with Charles Payne

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