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OpenAI VC, California DMV Testing Blockchain, Super Bowl Crypto Ads? +more

AI is experiencing a substantial amount of interest, especially from investors.

Last of Us Opportunity, Amazon NFT Marketplace?, Anonymous ETH +more

The Last of Us is helping pave the way for the future of how video games can grow.

Microsoft Selling ChatGPT Access, Genesis Issues, Polygon Updates +more

New year more news in crypto, blockchain, and web3. While there are headlines showing some more failed business models, the overall signal of adoption is going strong.

Market FUD, Apple Makes Changes, MetaMask ETH PayPal +more

The week has been nothing short of volatile. Everything from market FUD (Fear, Un certainty, and Doubt) to Trump NFTs being sold out, but not without some hiccups.

Apple NFT Situation, FTX Headline Rundown, Mattel Marketplace +more

Apple may have finally leveraged their position to the point that enough collective opposition will combat their marketplace dominance with the App Store to change.

Apple Movie and Amazon Series About FTX, NFT Activity, More Fallout +more

Bob Iger is back at Disney. But what does that mean for their web3, Blockchain, crypto and metaverse future?