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Crypto Vibes Podcast Episodes
Mastercard Crypto, Kardashian & SEC, Binance Hack, Coinbase Documentary +more

What if we created new categories to define crypto and the technology behind it for regulation, instead of trying to make it fit into the current laws which were made before crypto was even a reality?

Netflix Gaming, CFTC After DAO, Digital Assets Continue To Grow +more

There is something brewing right now with the CFTC and DAOs. It will be interesting to see what happens with DAOs and how they are interpreted by regulators.

Selling The News, Apple Store NFT Issues, Regulation Updates +more

"Sell The News" has been a big theme this past week as it relates to the Ethereum Merge.While the affects will take time, this weeks news has been just as chaotic...

After The Merge, Ravencoin Mining, EPIC Games NFT In Store +more

The Merge. That is all it really was this week. Is it going to work? Is it going to fail? What will happen after?

Minecraft Critterz NFT Play-to-Earn Clipped, Luna Surge, The Merge Update +more

Data is a funny thing. Too much of it, how do you make sense of it? Too little, how do you create projections?

Metaverse Graphics Priority, NFT Licenses, A Couple of Lawsuits +more

People are wondering why the Metaverse graphics suck? Even after $177 Billion has been spent. It looks similar to what Second Life was years ago.

Perceived Value Can Create Value, Fed Clarity, YouTuber Drama +more

If NFTs are M&Ms, they can melt in the market and not just in your mouth.