News Recap

Apple Movie and Amazon Series About FTX, NFT Activity, More Fallout +more

Bob Iger is back at Disney. But what does that mean for their web3, Blockchain, crypto and metaverse future?

FTX Fallout Continues, We Did Not Buy Twitter, Companies Build +more

FTX headlines continue, but one other big talking point this week is that of Twitter. We did not buy Twitter, none of us did. Elon Musk bought Twitter.

FTX + Alameda + Sam Bankman-Fried = Drama In Crypto +more

The headlines this week were dominated by FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried's undoing.

Twitter Gets Help From A16Z & Binance, Meta Stock Down, Arweave Coin Up?

Meta stock is down, but when Arweave announced they're working with Meta, their coin goes up in value? Perceived value is funny that way.

Apple Updates NFT Rules, Twitter NFTs, 2.5 Million Skateboard with NFT +more

When a company reaches a critical mass, should we not evolve the way we search for value?

Apple Mixed Reality Headset, SEC Going After Creators, Royalty On NFTs? +more

You have probably heard, beg for forgiveness rather than ask permission? In the world of NFTs, crypto, blockchain and web3, that may not be possible.

Mastercard Crypto, Kardashian & SEC, Binance Hack, Coinbase Documentary +more

What if we created new categories to define crypto and the technology behind it for regulation, instead of trying to make it fit into the current laws which were made before crypto was even a reality?