News Recap

Home Tokenized, Microsoft Edge Ethereum Wallet, IRS Seeks NFT Tax Rules, + more

This week has been a mixed bag across the board. Crypto market is not as bad and some would say...

SEC Stumbles In Voyager Court Case, AI Regulation, Golf DAO +more

Being in the crypto, blockchain, and future web space is never dull, thats for sure. The narrative by John Rice on the judges response to SEC’s...

Silicon Valley Bank Shut Down, Silvergate Bank Liquidation +more

Silicon Valley Bank dominated the news this week. Yes, there was plenty of news happening, but this is such a blow to business.

No Fee NFT Marketplaces, Ethereum Shanghai Reschedule, Rough Week In Crypto +more

Market was beat up this week. A race to the bottom with zero fee NFT marketplaces. This week was one for a need to have a cold shower and wake up fresh this coming week.

SEC Making Headlines, NFT Adoption Continues, Paris Hilton Metaverse Dating Quest +more

AI is becoming a recurring theme so far in 2023. It appears regulation and governance will be coming much sooner for AI than what is happening with crypto.

Google AI, Staking and SEC, Rihanna Shares Royalties With NFT +more

Microsoft using OpenAI in Bing search is big AI news. Disney had a big week and a pretty cool strategic play which diffused the proxy fight. How do these two correlate?

OpenAI VC, California DMV Testing Blockchain, Super Bowl Crypto Ads? +more

AI is experiencing a substantial amount of interest, especially from investors.