Let's Talk About NFTs

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) have become uber popular due to artists and creatives selling jpg art. But there is so much more to NFTs than what is being talked about.

Let's Talk About DAOs

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are under fire right now. The latest CFTC enforcements and unclear road map are the reason we are talking about DAOs in this episode.

Aptos Launch Headlines, Plaid Gets Into Crypto, Lord of the Rings NFTs +more

We, the crypto, blockchain, web3 worlds need to be agile with how to deploy products for the next 6 months. Next 6 years and so on until everything gets flushed out. Week 42, Year 2022, Episode 32.

Discovery Engines for web3. Ideas & Concepts

How can creators actually benefit from web3?What can be built to harness the power of Word-of-Mouth?We explore some Ideas & Concepts that we have.

Let's Talk About Companies Investing In Blockchain and Crypto

The signal we have long paid the most attention to is Adoption. We discuss some of the companies investing in Blockchain and Crypto.

Learning About Crypto

We can appreciate how much of a challenge learning new subjects can be. In the case of learning about crypto, the task can be daunting.

Let's Talk About The Metaverse

The "Metaverse" has gained a lot of hype and attraction over the course of the past year, much more than ever before. We sit down to talk about what is possible.